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Faster Hypertrophy


Hi I'm not sure if this has been asked before so forgive me if it has. I just wanted to know if working out 2 body parts a day causes faster Hypertrophy than a full body workout? i personally don't think so, infact i think full body would cause faster hypertrophy especially for newbs like me.

thx for any help
peace oscar


Impossible to give a general answer, just try it out.

As a beginner you usually cannot reach a level of intensity that would make an advanced split with long recovery times work, i have seen people doing TWB up to 4-5x/week with good success for some time, or stuff like upper/lower 6x/week. As long as you're beginner, almost everything works and it's impossible to tell what is the "best" way since

1)everybody's "best" way is different and
2)the "best" changes constantly for every person


thanks for the reply Petrichor.


Good post and I agree, except number 2 is open for further discussion and "constantly" is be a bit overstated in any case. The part about not knowing what will wind up being optimal for a beginner is absolutely the case.