Fasted Weight Training: Yes or No?

After reading a article on fasting workouts. Today I switch it up and had a scoop of Hardcore Whey gH + small Banana + a shot of Espresso.
Day 1Upperbody
4 New Records
Day 2 Legs
3 New Records

Seems like it make a huge difference for you. Up until a couple weeks ago I would always trained semi fasted. Last meal at ~11:30am and workout at ~6:00pm.
Read a lot of stuff about fueling your body for the workout and have since tried to find something that seems to make a difference. I’ve tried everything from fruits and veggies to Oreos and milk. Nothing really makes a perceivable difference for me.

Hey Waana_be I should have mentioned I train at 07h00 so I have the shake at 5h30. Try what I did hope it work + its liquid so not heavy on the stomach.

Semi-fasted training?

Is that even a thing?

OP I regularly train 20-24 hours fasted. Not noticed any discernible drop in performance or LBM. It’s actually very easy.

EDIT - you’re nowhere near fasted training. Fuck knows why having a shake before training is even considered fasting :joy:


Bud its about whether fasted training works for you all not. I have been training fasted and changed it up a shake before and it worked for me. As for training 20 to 24 hours fasted, brilliant if it works. But rather add to the subject or don’t comment its about been constructive around the fasting or non fasting. However if you can train fasted after +20 your body fat must be high so you can use it to power through.

I just meant I’m really hungry and push a meal till later to lift.

Sorry mate. Try and sit on something cold for a while and soothe that bum hurt.

To be fair, your thread title asks for a closed answer. Maybe change that up if you’re looking for more constructive responses🤦‍♂️

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100%. Fasted training boosts GH and testosterone.

I do it each day with a PWO supplement, and feel great.

That being said, if you are older you may want to reconsider. Working out fasted can cause faintness and dizziness for some people, especially if they’re not used to it.

I think it’s a different strokes thing. @ChongLordUno loves it and it’s working for him. I don’t like eating beforehand, but I like a little something during. Some folks are really specific on their pre-wo meals.

I would say, I wouldn’t make any judgements based on performance over the first two workouts doing something different. Your body has to adapt to anything before you really “know” what it’s doing for you. I’d give it several weeks and see what it’s doing in whatever metrics you care about (performance, body comp, awesome poops, etc.)

How could somebody add protein, a banana, and coffee, and call it fasted training? How do people rationalize ridiculous notions like this?

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I think he means he was training fasted but after reading some articles he tried having some food first and then got the prs but I also thought the opposite at the start. And if he does think that the shake and banana is fasted then he is wrong lol

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Best lifting session I ever had was on an oatmeal rasin cookies and coffee fast, so… :joy: