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Fasted Training


What the hell is fasted training and how do i do it to make me lose fat faster while gaining muscle? thanks


Um...Fasted training is exactly what it sounds like--training without hVing any food in your system. It is not recommended to do strenuous lifting while fasted or high intensity interval cardio. You can jog, hike, or do the bike though.


some advocate fasted cardio... do NOT do fasted lifting. silly.


Some do recommend fasted lifting to. I don't.


I lift heavy fasted, and i lift heavy unfasted. Depends on how tight i am for time, makes no difference to me...actually i have a lot of energy and have hit PR's while training fasted.

Better have a large meal after doing so though.

As far as fat loss, fasted walking wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't have experience with fasted lifting for fat loss. I wouldn't do it for that purpose though.


I train mostly fasted I guess. Just 10g BCAA's. I love it. More energy and focus and I dont have the feeling like my stomach is gonna explode from food. Hit PRs every session. BW going up and BF staying pretty much the same. Fasted low intensity cardio helps keep the fat gain down while still adding muscle mass.