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Fasted state training

Due to my work schedule and sometimes personal preferance, I will endure a workout session which includes 30 minutes of fsasted state cadrdio, and training session of whatever muscle gorup oI have for that day, but it is usually legs and sometimes chest. I find that my energy levels are fine during this, and I get great pumps, I only notice a little dragging towards the end, but I push through and still am getting great results. I make sure to take glutamine prior to working out, and alsways make sure to eat more than ususal following these sessions, especially with legs. I was sondering if anyone could perhaps tell me what the negative affets of working out this way twice a week would be, and what about the positive? I feel as if the fat burning aprt is excellent, as long as catabloism is kep t to minimum. Any comments and suggestions are as always greatly appreciated.

Well since you’re only doing it twice/week and seem to be getting good results from it then it must not be too detrimental but it I’m sure is better if you’re trying to lose weight/fat vs increasing muscle mass. If you were on a full blown bulking cycle and nearing your limit I imagine doing this twice/week would hamper your weight gaining efforts.