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fasted state lifting

We all know the benefits of doing morning, fasted state cardio (especially something like HIIT) for fat loss. Why then is is considered to be so catabolic to do fasted state a.m. lifting? My thought is that both are intense, anaerobic bursts, and that the body should be able to burn fat for both activities, provided that the lifting session doesn’t go long, and is followed immediately by a p/w shake. Any thoughts?

Cardio is anaerobic?

im not sure about your particular question. however i would never train with weights on an empty stomach simply because i would feel like shit and have no energy.

also i dont think that anyone has ever said that fasted state cardio is not catabolic. i would have to agree that performing long duration fasted state cardio is catabolic. however if you are cutting, the fat loss benefits from FSC may outweigh the risks.

Cardio is catabolic. It is also aerobic, not anaerobic. The goal with weight-lifting is to promote the building of lean tissue, not to lose body fat. The more muscle you carry, the more calories are needed to hold on to it. That is what leads to a larger caloric need and possibly more fat loss in the long run. It sounds like you need to make a choice as far as what your goals are.

Read this thread.

Whatever you take from it, it’s obvious that the benefits of fasted-state cardio are very much up in the air.

Just because people have been doing it (possibly unwisely) for a long time doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do.

Personally, I think weight training on an empty stomach is an incredibly stupid thing to do. Get a shake in you.