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Fasted Complexes?


I need to cut allot of fat for wrestling. I'm between 20%-15% bf. I'm 6 and 180 pounds. Would Complexes first thing in the morning on weekends be a smart thing to do, or not?


I have never done them fasted before, but complexes do work very well for fat loss, as well as conditioning that has very good carryover to wrestling (I wrestle). That being said, I do not think fat loss would really be improved by doing these fasted; they should be short and intense, its not like you are going for a light 30 min run. What I have done, however, is just eat a little bit (aka protein shake and some fruit) before I do them (when I do them in the morning).

Just my humble opinion from my own experiences.


I think the prevailing idea on complexes is that they stress the lactic acid energy system and require muscle glycogen to produce energy. In a fasted state, meaning muscle glycogen might be low, your body will start turning protein into glycogen and this protein will probably come from your muscle tissue.

You might be fine if you still had adequate carbs in your diet and were not fully glycogen depleted, but I'm not sure at what level muscle glycogen levels are insufficient to power exercise of X intensity.

I'd be interested in finding out if anybody knows.

How much weight do you have to lose and what is your diet like?


i have been thinking about this too awhile back but never really got down to trying it. i'd love to see how this turns out though.


Burpee ladders would be better, though I'm biased because I love burpees. Do a modified ladder, doing 10, 9, 8,...and so on.

One of my students (a wrestler/fb player) did ladders beginning at 30! That's a total of 465 burpees!! He was a beast, got 3rd in states.


May really depend on what you ate, how much of it, and at what time the night before. Thinking about the energy requirements to complete an honest to good complex; no half-assed sissy stuff... Your batteries may just be too low for a good workout if you have not eaten well the night before...

Dan John would probably have a great answer for you...


Burpee Challenge:

Complete one hundred (100) Burpees for Time


I'm more interested in melting fat aka being in single digits bf%. I'm 181 right now I would like to drop all that fat and still be around that weight (so basically add muscle too) but idk if i'll get it done by the end of november.

My diet is clean I try to really limit any junk food coming in. I think my weakness though is not enough protein and sometimes carbs at night (pasta, rice, ect) But i'll try to limit that too.


Hmmm, sounds interesting... So now you got me stumped, should I do burpees or complexes? I wana say both but thats allot easier said than done. :smiley:

And I also guess i'll stay away from fasted anything for right now.


I think it is best to avoid fasted complexes. If you are training hard and your diet is right complexes will help you cut fat without causing catabolism if you are not doing them fasted. I don't see anything wrong with mixing your conditioning work up and doing both just at different times. It should make things a little less tedious and help keep you motivated as well as making your routine more interesting.


so you want to wrestle around 180? why only doing this on the weekends? are you playing football right now (if so, i woudln't worry about cutting your bodyfat)?

i don't think doing them fasted is a good idea, although using complexes and interval training would work great for getting you in wrestling shape AND burning the bodyfat off you.


Are we talking high school wrestling?


I am a HS wrestler currently conditioning with a modded Meltodown I workout (Alewyn Csgrove). Balls-out speed and explosion is the name of the game. Try it some time, but Burpee ladders will make you into man (but it will be hard to lose all of that weight because testicle weight increases as fat decreases in burpee ladders)


I only said weekends cause we do something everyday after school with the team. Either lifting or conditioning of some sort. So should I Stop bitching and do shit after "practice" or just keep it for the weekends?

And btw this is highschool wrestling.


You shouldnt have to choose between burpees or complexes. Just do whichever you feel like doing that day. I personally love doing the G.I. Jane from crossfit. It's a burpee with a pull up or chin at the top of your jump. As long as what ever you choose, make sure you have adequate recovery time so it doesnt get in the way of your actual wrestling.


Give this a shot.

10 Bodyweight deadlifts,
10 burpees
Go for max rounds. If your form begins to degrade on the deadlifts, stop the set and rest till your heart rate becomes normal again and give it another whirl.

Just an idea.


Have you done this yourself? Does it give good results? lol


I think fasted anything should be given a pass. If nothing else eat a bowl of cottage cheese and Spike Shooter before lifting or running or anything else. How people convince themselves to train without breakfast is beyond me.


I've lost over 10 lbs, almost all of it is fat. I haven't done complexes at all really. All the weight lost is from practice. I'm about to do Burpee Ladder. I want do the 100 burpees for time, but i'd seriously need someone to count for me because I know i'd lose count. :stuck_out_tongue:


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