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Fasted Cardio

Some negative attention has been brought to fasted cardio in recent posts on T-Nation and I would like to hear some T-Dawg opinions (with results) on the matter. In my opinion it is extremely effective in targeting fatloss. In one month (by follwing “100 Workouts From Ripped City” for 20 sessions), I lost 3 inches on my waist while adding 20-25lbs to my Incline Bench Press, Front Squat, Romanian Deadlift, and Barbell Row in one month. By formula I lost no lean body mass.

I used to disagree with the idea of pre-breakfast cardio. However, I tried using Dr. LL’s guidelines and it worked. I simply did 45-50min of brisk walking before breakfast for 20days with no more then 2 days of rest between sessions.

I think this is a good topic for discussion because maybe some people aren’t trying it because it makes no “sense” to have a fasted session.