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Fasted Cardio, Intermittent Fasting and Workout Nutrition



i have heard Christian mention fasted cardio quite a few times lately. Its role to “teach the body to use fat for fuel” is its foremost advantage as far as i understand him.
On the other hand, avoidance of cortisol elevation and the use of insulin to trigger protein synthesis are a main topic of his latest articles.

What i dont really get is the intensity in which the cardio is still beneficial for fat loss.
Are we talking one hour walk or half an hour boxing? Probably its rather the walk, since the way i box, its mainly an anaerobic, heart bursting, cortisol explosion (and he mentioned high intensity was not that great for fat loss) . But would a 20min run at 160 bpm max still be ok?

I considered Intermittent Fasting, but since the early morning is the only time i can workout, it probably would not work (if i still want to have dinner with my family).

All things considered, would dinner at 8pm, an hours walk at 5am (or half hours run at 5.30) followed by workout carbs and a workout at 6am be a good compromise of “fasted cardio” and proper workout nutrition if the goal was fat loss?
Or is the cardio not fasted enough and do the carbs follow the “cardio” too closely to have a benefit?


When will you eat and when will you fast ? ( time to time )