Fasted Cardio for Strength Athletes

first of all, can someone explain y beradi doesn’t advocate fasted morning cardio for strength athletes?

along those lines: how would the rules apply towards a bber training like a strength athlete?

One of my main goals is to have the strength of a powerlifter AND the leanness of a bber (a cutting bber that is). kinda like marius or Pavle Jovanovic (<in beradi’s article on g-flux).

so in my case, training in the westside barbell fashion WITH fasted, low-intensity cardio is good or bad?

kudos for replies

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I had good success with fasted cardio when I was dropping weight to make a specific weight class in powerlifting. I would normally walk at a fast pace with a slight incline for 30-60 min in the morning, 4-6 times per week. You might have to build up to that. Also some easy cardio after working out can help drop bodyfat. My strength basically stayed the same as I dropped 20 lbs. Also the significantly improved cardio endurance is good for general energy levels and I think the cardio can promote muscle recovery, but the key is to keep it relatively light, for me that was like a HR of 130 or less.

I think it’s important to think about the “choices” your body has to make to keep you alive. Of course, this is all through all really complex signaling mechasims, but it’s good to think about at a simple level. Sorry I don’t have more time, but doing fasted cardio is kind of like an energy emergency, and fat stores and perhaps muscle stores are called upon to keep you moving, and recovery (execpt for cardio recovery) is put on the backburner. G-flux is all about giving your body enough energy so that it can focus on repair and growth (therefore improving strength), at the same time giving your body the signal that food is plentiful, you’re not about to starve to death, and you don’t need to store a lot of body fat.

thx for the replies!

I’m currently bulking right now and am training for strength WHILE using the “100 workouts from ripped city” protocal into my training. so yes, my cardio in the morning is low-intensity (~60% VO2 Max). Im not eating strictly at all, but am trying to force every bit of food down my throat and I know for a fact that im gaining some pounds (muscle and fat). Im only using this protocal to help keep my fat levels at bay and so far, its helping alot.

however, if someone can please tell me y beradi doesn’t advocate it towards strength athletes, thatll b awesome. thx again