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Fasted Cardio & Coffee

Hey CT,
I like your new found philosophy on morning fasted cardio. I will be implementing this into my training starting tomorrow.

On to my question. My gym opens at 7. I wake up around 545-6. During that time I like to have a quiet morning. I also love coffee and will usually have 2-3 cups before my day. Does a high level of caffeine in a fasted state have any adverse effects to the benefits of the fasted cardio? My thought is that it would actually increase fat loss

If its untested or you don’t really know. An educated opinion is good enough for me. Because to be honest. I’m very unlikely to drop my morning coffee.

Yes it will increase fat loss since caffeine increase fatty acids mobilization, even more so in a fasted state. The only drawback is that it will also increase cortisol levels. Which is not a big deal if you don’t have constantly elevated cortisol levels throughout the day (stressful day… physical or psychologically demanding job)… But if it’s “normal” coffee (not an espresso for example) 2-3 cups should not be a problem

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