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Fasted Blood Labs for TRT?

I know that when I had my first labs drawn pre-TRT, they wanted me to be fasted at least 14 hours, and have the labs drawn first thing in the morning at 9am when their office opened. Although my T came back pretty low, around 350, the doc told me he never prescribes injectable test for people my age (I’m 31), and to come back in ten years. Needless to say, I am now currently on TRT and have been self treating for about 10 weeks, and I’m getting labs drawn again next week (on my own, out of pocket) to check TT/FT/E2 levels.

My question is, when I get my labs drawn this time, will it make any real difference what time of day it is or whether I am fasted? If I am receiving exogenous test released at a controlled rate, I don’t imagine that those things will have a significant impact but thought I’d run it by the more experienced guys on here. I have read in other places that you should get blood drawn a few hours prior to your next injection. That one does make sense, as you will get an idea of your T levels when they are at their lowest. Anyone with any thoughts, input, experience, or know of any studies/articles related to this is appreciated.

Nope. The draw should be shot day before your shot, everything else is irrelevant.

A lot of doctors still believe TRT causes prostate cancer, this is taught in medical school, so if you are at the age where prostate cancer strikes and are on TRT, he cannot be sued and career ruined.

Even after all the newer prostate cancer studies showing only positive outcomes to those with prostate cancer and on TRT, doctors refuse to accept the fact that TRT doesn’t cause prostate cancer. The fact is with levels <485 there is risk of cardiovascular disease in a 10 years period, so waiting 10 years could prove disastrous.

If you were to get labs drawn mid-week and are not feeling your best, by not testing your trough levels, you would not know why. By testing at trough you will know your lowest point and will start to take notice what trough levels cause problems.

Okay so blood draw the day before my next pin it is, and will enjoy a nice big ol’ breakfast beforehand. Thanks fellas.