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Fasted A.M Cardio


You always hear about fasted A.M cardio and how you burn more fat...but how much more?

I mean...what if doing 33 or 35 minutes later in the day burns the same amount? I'd feel a little silly doing it early in the morning when a few more minutes later in the day might do the same job.


Do cardio whenever you like (just avoid jacking up your insulin levels before the session).
Why? Fat mobilization shouldn't be a problem until you maybe get to sub 10%bf or so. In the latter case fasted AM cardio might be better.


shouldnt have any fat on you anyway..


my above post means if you been working out hard for years and follow the great diet and recover well, you should be hard, with no extra fat on you, to worry about something foolish like when to do cardio., 7am or 11am..


spk...you never fail to be rude do you?


I've tried both, and can honestly say I think it makes little difference. If you're a top level athlete, disregard that entrely.
The reason I do it in the morning is because there aren't as many cars around, and there is nobody to see me jogging. It is not, I gather, a pretty sight. Also, nobody can hear my saying times tables and latin declensions under my breath to monitor heart rate, a habit I picked up in my teens.
As to the fasted side of things, I always do it fasted except for a cup of coffee, because I find running on a full stomach gives me stitches.


There have been a bunch of articles discussing this idea...
The Cardio Manifesto:

Roundtable: Fasted Cardio:

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(and others).

Bottom line seems to be that fasted morning cardio can work great for fat loss if your diet is dialed in. If you're going to do it, do it ASAP in the morning. Basic idea being that it's best to "get it over with" and get to a good meal as soon as you can. But non-fasted cardio done at other times of the day can work absolutely fine too.


nards, not trying to be rude. didnt mean it to sound that way.. not at all...anyway, if you been working out since 2006, you should be lean and mean or big and built by now, where the early am or later am workout wouldnt mean anything. maybe i look at questions differently than most.. i was lucky enough to be involved in sports from a very very early age to current, so 53 years of training keeps me fit and in shape, so when i see questions like this one, workout at 7am or 11am, i just kinda wonder why everyone isnt in great shape, with no fat on them..maybe i'm one lucky guy that was halfway good at sports and had great coaches and great guidence , thats why i never stopped exercising/training/competing/racing..my comments may come across harsh, but i dont mean them to be. and sometimmes i try to be funny, maybe the comments come across the wrong way.. off sason for bicycle racing, so just 90 minutes on the bike today in the am,, and just finished 300 pushups, 600 crunches..time to chill..


Well I did take the supposition that I shouldn't have any fat on me as a mild insult as I do have fat on me. Do you think everyone hangs around this website because they're all finished and complete?

I do my cardio on the mornings some days and other days I do it in the late afternoon. My original post was not a cry for help or advice sort of thing but more of a thinking out loud kind of post.


Face it Nards, you are a fat loser.


I hope you're not going by the pics in my profile...that's me at my best....flexing hard for the Nation...sucking in the gut too.


If you've been training since 2006 and are just now finding yourself asking this question then there are other more important factors than the timing of your cardio. Perhaps reassessing your program design and nutrition. I'm not saying that to be a dick, but it's possible that you've been following a program and nutrition plan that isn't ideal for your somatotype. Just giving advice here but researching the general guidelines relative to your body type and designing your own lifting and nutrition program will support your goals way better than following generalized programs found online or in magazines (with all do respect to T nation of course). You know your body, and if you've been training for years then you should have an idea of what works and doesnt work.

Just override your program and think outside the box my dude. Your total energy expenditure is the most important factor relative to weight loss. High intensity sprints or types of functional cardio are good. Complexes are awesome for fat loss and technique reinforcement also. They all do the job and support anabolism. When programming these types of cardio into your regimen pay special attention to recovery. Training like an athlete will lead to better performance and you'll be able to kick some ass in pick-up games. Take in as much advice as possible, but also learn from your own experiences. Science is all well and good but if your experience shows that something works for you then by all means homie, do that shit.


Thanks. That was a really good post.


Nards i know your feeling.
Many posters think an other poster is wrong because they might have a different goal(s).
Some bash others for not attemting to get huge.
Some bash others for not attempting to get real strong.
Your family and injury situation is not knowed often so your life, your goal(s).
You are doing great ! ! !


Thanks for that!


That's fucking stupid. Have you ever bulked before? When you bulk, you tend to put on SOME fat over a period of time. That's just the nature of the game when your calories are at a surplus. It seems to me like you have never done that. It's the reason why people bulk and then cut.


There is something beautiful about doing am fasted cardio outside as the sun rises up.

That is all.



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for the sake of correct use of the English language, please consider not adding words after "that is all"


I sincerely hope that post is meant to be funny.
You could at least have called him mate.
2 beer drinkers should not argue in my book, so Cheers all !


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