Fast twitch or slow twitch dominant?

So for too long i’ve been puny, I used to follow the very common line of thought that strength = 5> size 8-12 etc etc so i lifted 3x10.

But now I’ve just come across another theory which disagrees with this notion, stating that there are those who will get very little benefit from training 8-12; those who are fast twitch dominant will benefit from training ~5 reps, even if size is the goal, since they have more fast twitch muscle, they will acheive more hypertophy and strength by training in this rep range.

To what extent do you agree with the above? And how would you even determine the composition of your muscle fibres?

no idea.

guess you will have to try both and see which works better for you :slight_smile:

What he said^^^

Stop majoring in the minors, and get strong.

everyone has a different combination of both muscle fibers. some Body builders swear by negatives other swear by other types of lifts. so just try a little bit of everything sooner or later you’ll find the right exercises that promote muscle growth in ure body.

if ure trying to get past puny just stick to your bigger lifts can go wrong with the big 5 no matter wat rep range

  1. squats
  2. deadlifts
  3. pullups
  4. military press
  5. bench press

just make sure the weight ure pushing keeps going up.