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Fast Train to Fat Bastardville

Forgive me Brothers for I have sinned. I have turned mine eyes to gaze upon (and my pie-hole to stuff with) ice-cream filled cakes, sugar-laden cookies and wonderful white bread. Not one day, nor two but 365 carb-frenzied days have passed since I last lifted anything heavier than an angel-food cake smothered in chemical whipped cream and strawberries. And the worst part is, I know better.

Having ridden the Fast Train to Fat-Bastardville I find myself heavier than I?ve ever been, and not in a pleasant-to-the-eye way. How bad? Gone are the days of loose-fitting jeans to fit my muscled quads only to be replaced by rolls of fat flopping over my waistband. I can?t wear my belt anymore as the buckle digs into my belly?even when I?m standing. I?ve fallen from 205 @ 10% to 220 @ +25%! A skinny-fat bastard am I.

In an effort to find my abs (and my dignity) once more, I?ve laid out my training and meals opting to use T-Dawg 2 and Meltdown I. I picked up both Hot-Rox and Red Kat while stocking up on low carb Grow! and dug out my remaining stash of Biotest sups (Tribex and ZMA). I found a lone bottle of Nandrosol in the dark regions of my closet that I?d picked up while in the Middle East a couple of years back (Lot B001, Exp 03/03). Can anyone in the know tell me whether or not the Nandrosol is well and truly dead or not? I assume it is based on the expiry date, but I?d hate to toss it if there?s still some life left. Is there a synergistic bonus to stacking it with the Tribex and Red-Kat while I work to strip away the past blubber-filled year?

Tips, tricks, stacks and pointing and snickering welcomed. Well…not really the snickering part…