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Fast Reps - Confused


Ok so a friend of mine, said he would come train with me at my gym, and i noticed that he does his reps really fast, and that allows him to increase the weight significantly. compared to me who does the reps fast but i like to hold for 1 sec at peak contraction. the thing is that he has only been lifting for 6 months but has gotten really big in that time and strong,

If you look at johnnie jackson or branch warren, thats pretty much how he trains, what are you guys toughts around this? going faster allowing for heavier weight ? or . . . Going modarate and focusing in contracting ?


I think everyone responds differently - you need to find out what works for you.


How much do you wanna bet he eats more than you?


Beginners gains comes to mind. How long you been lifting? And never compare yourself to or try to train like the pros unless you honestly think you have the same genetics or use the same "supps" they do.


i have no idea why people say this.

yes they have great genetics and drugs but that didnt make them the BEST OF THE BEST

a beginner maybe not but the average avid lifter on this site would do fine using the same basic workouts that the pro's use - and no, im not talking about the ghost written crap in muscle mags


Lotta good points mentioned; beginner gains, different genetics, diet, but even just looking at your differing training approaches you realize that you're both employing different methods of overload.

Your focus on peak contractions is (hopefully) trying to coax the extra intensity out of the isometric portion of the ROM. Your friend, alternatively, is making use of explosive concentrics, which can create the perception of more stress (more 'weight') on the muscle as it accelerates the resistance. Both are certainly excellent methods of training. Not to say that one if superior to the other, but maybe you might be better served trying to make use of the other approach if you feel it is what is creating the different levels of progress.



Ppl say it cause it matters. They're ability to recover and the intensity with which they train can't be replicated unless you're of a similar level to them. I mean are you seriously tring to tell me that the average gym rat can smash put 25-30 work sets on one muscle group, with the same intensity they use and have time to recover for the next session,'never mind trying to stay injury free. Theres a reason they're pros and were not. Yes, dedication and hard ball busting work will take you a long way but you can't pretend that we can imitate or hang with the pros on a training level. You wouldn't expect a recreational marathon runner to train like an olympic winner, same applies to bodybuilding.


Much more eloquently put than me and more detailed. Op, this is your answer.


if you have watched REAL training videos you would realize some vids are done for show (most) and others are true day in/day out workouts


I completely agree with you there but my point still stands. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree.


lol good. not a fan of the interwebz debate anyway.


Well at least we agree on something lol