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Fast Or Slow Twitch?


I cannot determine if I am fast or slow. When I was younger and pre-teen whenever I swam (I am a swimmer) the mile I would get best times in all the swim events that are less than the mile (200, 500, and 1000yards) in the mile. Since I began weightlifting the difference between my shorter races and mile have greatly increased, my mile hasn't even dropped in two years. I have put on a lot of muscle for a distant swimmer, I am 5'8'' 165lbs and probally around 10% BF.
My coaches never have pressured me into becoming a sprinter, yet they have opened up the option. I am considering becoming a sprinter but I am afraid of loseing the success I have had as a distance swimmer and becoming a poor sprinter. Based off of my early years of swimming compared to my current size what muscle type am I?


Nobody will possibly be able to answer this question and it doesn't really matter. Fiber type is largely overrated IMO, especially for high school athletes, which I'm guessing you are.