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Fast Muscles Program

Hey everyone , new here. just wanted to show yall something i found and wanted yalls opinion on it

any one ever heard of Rob Maraby?

well what do yall think of his program,
here it is www.fastmuscles.com

That site is good for a laugh… thats about it

why do you say that, a lot of people have used and and have had really good results

Why ask our opinions if your not going to like it? That site is a joke and a scam, but your propably gonna ask why so how bout you try it out to see for yourself.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you know someone who has used it, borrow the program from them and try it out… but the site basically looks like a nostrum to me.

The “Threaten Survival Mechanism”, or whatever the hell he calls it, is nothing new. It simply means that the body will adapt when stress is placed on it. In order to see further adaption(Bigger, faster stronger etc), you have to increase the stress.

What is the secret there? Read Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik and he’ll give you the only real secret to increased athletic ability…Hard Work.

Im sure this very creatively marketed program(265 squat to 565 for 20 reps…ha) you found will work if you absolutely bust your ass in training. Of course, so will any other program…

Everything you need to get real big and strong is free on this website. All you have to add is the hard work.

Bhahaha… what a joke! I can’t believe you’d try to hawk that shit on this site.

How much do you make per “signup”?

Oh, I also like the spelling/grammar errors – makes it look very professional.

[quote]stefan wrote:
why do you say that, a lot of people have used and and have had really good results[/quote]

Some of the claims they make that I find amusing;

“I was training 8 minutes once every three weeks and growing like a weed”

“If we stimulate 5lbs of muscle growth… we need only 3000 calories to serve that growth”

“the reason why we as hardgainers can not gain muscle, from 3 days-a-week or 2 days-a-week training rutine is we simply can’t recover from them. If full muscle recovery does not take place there is no posibility of muscle growth ever occuring.”

“How to add as much as 20% to your arms in just one day”

like said if it sounds to good to be true, it more then likely is.

I read a review that said the program is basically infrequent training with low-rep sets.
Ironically, the guy also sells a program with an affiliate where you work out multiple times a day.
The lack of testimonials speaks for itself.

okay thanks for yallls opinions, but i have a problem, you see i bought that program last feb and as you see on the bottom of his site he promises and 110% money back gaurentee so i emailed him before christmas and said i was going to send it back for a refund cuz i found better info and he said okay and i sent it before christmas and he is saying he still hasnt recieved it, i dont know about you but i dont think it takes half a month to ship something to canada. now he is saying that since the book “Got lost” he will send me any of his 15 books for free, and thats fucking BS, anything i can do ?? think i can sue him or something.

also iam using Shawn Lebruns Program right now.,. anyone ever used that?? iam in week 6 of the program


Before you take anymore abuse from the members here I suggest that you use the T-Nation search engine.

Whatever your goal is, there is a great program for you on this site.

Good Luck,


Sue? I doubt the cost of the book is worth the effort.
Like Zeb said, if you want training programs that kick ass, this is your site. The problem is they don’t have a bunch of cool copy ads to promote them.