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Fast Metabolism, Weightgainers?

Greetings fellow believers. I am new to the site. I am getting back into working out after a lay off of more than a year. While the home page seems pretty strong in its definition of just what a “hard-gainer” is, I think I may fit several different categories at once.

Allow me to give some info: I am 25 years old. I stand 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weigh 130 pounds on average. In addition to my slightly shorter than average height, I am of smaller proportions than the average adult male. My hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and everything in between are all small. All my clothes are men’s size small, any rings I wear have to be women’s rings, and I wear a size 8 shoe.

I most definitely have a very fast metabolism. As hard as most find it to believe, I actually have an under-active thyroid, as diagnosed by my doctor. Despite this, I remain skinny as a rail. I got into working out in high school for probably the same reason a lot of others did-to try to raise my confidence and maybe attract the attention of some girls.

While I have gained little weight over the near decade since, I am happy to say I am quite fit. I am proud of my abs in particular, and enjoy good tone in my chest and arms. But nonetheless, putting on real size or mass has never really happened for me.
I slacked off working out regularly about a year and a half ago.

At the time, I was working in an assembly line in a factory. The work was very physical, and I found that I came home too exhausted to hit the gym afterward. And I was actually able to get away with not working out, because the work was so intense that my muscles still got worked quite hard.

However, earlier this year I got a new job. I am now a filing clerk in an office. Sufficed to say, the work is much less demanding. I also find I have been prone to snacking as there is a never ending stream of leftover food from executive meetings in the lunch-room. As a result, I have begun to lose some of the muscle tone I have enjoyed, and I also find my strength has suffered greatly; I find that lately lifting the tubs of incoming expense reports challenges me.

To the point of this post. I am getting my butt back in the gym for the fall and winter, and since my salary is more comfortable I even intend to start working with one of the gym’s personal trainers. I am convinced that my habit of working out a lone before was part of my lack of gains-I simply was not pushing myself as hard as I would if I had a partner. However, I definitely think sheer genetics plays a part.

In a discussion with a friend who has been taking courses in nutritional science, I was told that a huge problem for me is the sheer lack of fat on my body. In her words, because I have so little fat on me by nature, my body turns around and metabolizes the muscle tissue I try to build for its energy needs. It is an interesting idea that had not previously occurred to me.

I have used all the supplements before-multivitamins, anti-oxidants, creatine, and an endless stream of protein shakes, but never got much out of it. But perhaps that is simply because my body used it all up too damn fast.

Anyhow, I am considering starting to drink some heavy-duty weight gainer shakes for the remainder of the summer before I get myself back in the gym to try to add a few more pounds to my body so that maybe my metabolism will have something else to draw on for its energy needs, and maybe I can keep a little more of the muscle I build.

I know I need to up my caloric intake, and am starting to prepare a schedule for myself and a grocery list that will support my needs. However, I would be highly appreciative of any extra tips of info that I can get. So come on, help a guy out?

Before anyone begins, the purpose of a personal trainer is for 2 weeks/6 sessions, they will teach you what and how to do it. He’ll be honest, friendly, spot you, push you, etc… but he will not be a lasting friend in the gym because he’s got other folks to train. You need to get a friend to go with you if you believe you need someone to synergize with because after your 6 sessions are done, he’s gone.

As far as your diet, and increasing your calories… good man you figured it out.

Read this article http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459762

Wow that was a long post.

So you’re 130 lbs with a bizarrely underactive thyroid.
You want to gain weight and you’ve tried a bunch of different products, never with much success.
You know you need to eat more and you’re looking for tips.

You need to eat big and lift big. Go to the beginner forum. Click on the Vroom’s thread near the top “Are You A Beginner II”. It has several articles on nutrition and training. First pick a training program. Then scroll over to John Berardi’s Massive Eating. Read it. Follow it’s caloric recommendations. figure out how much you need to eat and a general idea of how much carbs and fats that is.

Use the previous information to put together a daily menu. You can find nutrition facts (how many carbs in a banana?) online. Then, use your daily menu to create a shopping list.

Shop for food.

Train, eat, sleep.