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Fast Mass


i want to know which training program can help people gain "a lot of muscles" fast, real fast(without gaining tons of fat)? i want to hear some statistics from any of you (that's good if you can also tell what kind of diet you followed)


a training program with lots of vitamin s

seriously though, if you are looking to gain muscle really fast, you have got to compromise and take on some fat. if you take things nice and slow then its a lot more feasible to keep fat gains at a minimal.

sorry if that wasn't the answer you were looking for


Yup. Plently of Vitamin S! Are you new to this website? It's hard to tell but there are tons of information on this site for training and nutrition programs. Read and learn. I'd say massive eating by beradi but I have my doubts though as it seems a bit excessive. It might work better for young lifters with higher metabolic rate. For building mass, there's too many programs to list. Read anything by CW and CT and pick one to your liking. How old are you? If you're mid 25 or so, i guess you could try MAG-10 or similar products if it's still there to help speed up muscle building provided that you are serious about nutrition part. Eat crap, you won't see much improvement. Same thing goes for drinking and partying which can seriously interfere with your progress.


Do you want mass AND strength or just size for show?

If you just want to build size that's all show and no go, do the original German Volume Training 10 sets of 10. From what I hear, you'll bulk up fast but won't necessarily get strong.

If you want strength to go with your muscles, then look into the programs by Chris Thibaudeau, Chad Waterbury, and Charles Staley.


thanks for all of you. well, i read through most of the training & nutrition articles in this web. all i want to know is how you guys response to those training & nutrition programs, i want real world result to help me decide which one or two may be the best for me to try.



My experiences

  1. German Volume Training sucks donkey balls. It works great if you are neurally efficient, lift concentrically fast and excentrically slow and you eat like a PIG. For most people it just doesn't pay dividends. It may be useful to throw in a GVT shock session in the middle of a lower volume program... but GVT never did anything for me.

  2. Thibudeau's OVT programme is an improvement of GVT, but I found that I spent too much time in the gym, and that I only trained each muscle group once a week (I showed the best progress when I did each part twice a week). Also, I didn't gain much muscle on OVT, or lose much fat either (I was cutting and on an anabolic at the time). It probably worked better for CT because he had higher BF to start with and had MUCH higher neural effiency... or was just plain better than me. (Probably the latter. Hehe)

  3. My best results came with a modified westside powerlifting template where I replaced the dynamic effort days with repeated effort-type training in the classic hypertropy range. Typically I would train like this:

Monday: Chest, Assistance Back
Tuesday: Hamstrings, Assistance Quads
Thursday: Back, Assistance Chest
Friday: Quads, Assisance Hams.

This is pretty similar to Bob Davies' "Westside for Skinny bastards Programme"

  1. ABBH has had resoundingly good reviews. And it has a lot in common with the above program.

  2. I am currently trying out CW's Quattro Dynamo Program. It'll probably work... but how well, I know not.


thx tracer,
i'm think to apply the principles in the article "Diversity for Hypertrophy
" by CW. i still have some question about the "QD" program. i saw someone give an opinion about it in this web ( i forgot where is it post), that guy question about it for developing different kinds of strength within same week, he says may be there is not enough time for our body to adapt one kind of stress before changing to another(eg.the next workout). so i want to hear more about the results people get from QD, including you.

anyway, thanks a lot.


Mr. Wong..

Tracer seems to have a good program to start out. If you are of course starting. Big gains are a produce of what you put in to you as well!
Remember eat a clean diet. You should have 5 to 6 meals a day. Along with whole foods . Sub in some good protein like Low-Carb Grow! MRP. Don't make the mistake and live on the stuff.
Another area is find a good quality creatine. coupled with some glutamine used post work out.
And since your intake of food will increase " don't forget to do Cardio" that will keep your fat stores low!

A good dite that worked for me I added 12 lbl of solid muscle in 7 weeks
Breakfast ( pre-workout) Very important
1 cup of cooked oatmeal(Mix protein into oatmeal), 1 wheat bagel 1 tbsp
peanut butter.

Meal#2 Meal replacement powder-8 oz fat free milk.

meal # 3 10 oz. boneless - skinnless chix breeast, 8 oz, baked potato, fat free sour cream, and low sod, BBQ sauce for chix if desired.

meal 4. 2 slices whole wheat bread, 6 ozs turkek breast, lettuce and tomato 2 tbsp mustard, 1 apple.

meal 5, 8 oz. beef fillet ( lean cut) 8 oz potato. 1 slice of whole wheat bread.

meal 6. meal replacement ( proetin ) powder, 8 oz. fat free milk.

  • Eat these meals 3 hrs apart from each other. ie, 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm. Good luck!