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Fast Mass On Biceps


Does anything beat high rep, seated, reverse one armed cable curls with a 5-5-5 rep cadence for packing serious mass DIRECTLY on the peak of your biceps?




Are you talking about something that actually packs mass only on the peak of the bicep, afraid that is not possible.

The peak is more or less determined by the length of the muscle, some guys have long biceps other short which leads to better peaks.

Doing a variety of exercises like dumbell and cable curls is the best bet, and hammer curls and stuff like that can work the brachialis a bit more.

I personally found squats to be the best overall mass builder,along with back work, I don't do much direct arm stuff and I have 19" arms.


Inverted, negative accenutated DB Curls with the index and middle fingers of the opposite hand crossed to maximize cross nerual activation of the arms while simulataneously breathing through 1 nostril.

Your post made me smile, and recall some of the crazy things I believed worked in the quest to get big. Those muslce magazines really had me screwed up on what works when I started lifting.

While the powerlifters and football players where growing like weeds using the formula "Lift Big.Eat big. Repeat" I was trying spider curls to maximize my peak. Sometimes it takes a long journey to find simple answers.


after a long day of work...this is what i needed, thanks:)


And for building some serious leg mass, try high rep, partner assisted leg extensions.

And for triceps, try dumbbell kick-backs on a swiss ball while your partner gives you a reach-around. I love hardcore lifting!!!


Whether you were joking or serious, that's some funny shit! LOL


HOLY SHIT! Make sure you wear a belt, wrist straps and elbow wraps for those puppies!!! LOL






This was funny? I thought it was truth. I, however, do train my biceps directly. From what I understand, they look like it.


Quit reading Flex or Men's Health or whatever joke of a publication you got that info from and try reading some articles on this site.


If you want big arms... SQUAT! No shit.

There are plenty of recent articles on adding size to the biceps here at T-Nation. Do a search and you'll find some great short term routines. For the long run though, do your basic compound, multi-joint exercises and your arms will take care of themselves. Properly performed close grip, supinated chin-ups are one of the best biceps exersises around.

Regardless, NOTHING can stimulate the growth of the "peak". It's genetic.


There is a thing called synthol, and I heard they can put fast mass on bicep. (although I highly advise you not to do it)


Hey it worked for Greg.


Gotta love The Ramblin' Freak