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Fast into ketosis prior to Fat Fat

What do you think of this idea? Someone suggested to eat low carbs three days prior of starting FF to get into ketosis faster. What if taken 300mg of DNP twice on day-1, 12 hours apart to burn all the carbs left in your body and starting FF thereafter? Wouldn’t that get you into ketosis faster, especially if you if you have been eaten a lot prior to fat fast. Your comments please.

All you would be doing is starting the damn diet three days sooner.

messing with DNP is not worth getting into ketosis faster. I would never even consider it.

Why not do this - 1) The day you plan on going on the diet, eat no carbs. 2) That night do a total body workout to deplete muscle glycogen, using lots sets and reps. 3) Drink a protein shake (no carbs) and go to bed. This should knock you into ketosis quickly.

Thanks spunky, your advice is sound and is a good plan. I won’t mess with DNP. In fact, I did GBC yesterday and it was brutal. Although I ate carbs yesterday, I will do this again today without the carbs. GBC should get me into ketosis as you said. Thanks a bunch.