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Fast Food Question


hey guys u know how they say u gotta eat a lot to gain muscle...well ok heres my question, heres what my nutrition looks like first of all. and second, my question is, since they say eat a lot, so i guess its ok to eat fast food too? like maybe not eat one my meals and eat like taco bell or something. is it ok to to eat fast food since im bulking? by the way im 208 pounds, 6"2


Meal 1:

-2 full egg 4 egg whites
-1 apple
-1 pb sandwich (organic)

Meal 2:

-Protein Shake (1 1/2 scoops)
-10 almonds

Meal 3

-two chicken sandwiches on wheat bread
-one bagel with cream cheese

Meal 4

-Huge Salad
-1/2 glass of skim milk

Meal 5 (Post Workout)


Meal 6 (1 hour later)

some Brown Rice

Meal 7

  • Cottage Cheese 1 cup
    -10 almonds
    -1 glass skim milk


nah man, you can skip the fast food and replace your fast food meal with a clean meal. dirty bulking is a terrible idea, u will get some muscle, but it will 50-50 for fat and muscle. stay clean and stop eating like a mouse. i saw ur diet and i must say for a 208 person trying to gain ur eating like a mouse.

up the quantity of eat meal, because the food choices are excellent. just eat more of them and skip the fast food. too much fat, if your eating clean your fat intake for the day should be perfec, the fast food will push it over and youll gain even more fat from the increase in fat due to the already high carbs. stay clean and lift like a beast, youll grow.


alright man thanks a lot. what do u think i should add or eat more of to make it better?


I'm bulking and eat some fast food too, mainly due to a schedule that is so busy that I often have to lower myself to that level rather than miss a meal. I tend to have a sandwich of some sort and try to find sides healthier than fries. Whatever you do, skip the soda!


I'm going to disagree with the fast food opinion in that some people can do it while others can't. If you have trouble putting the weight on, by all means go for some Wendy's with some Chilli or even a couple burgers on a bun.

If you see yourself getting an extra tire (more so than you'd want) then back off the fast food a little. It's all about knowing your body.

Oh yea, don't count almonds. Maybe do something with the salad as in make it a 500 cal salad or something.

Also, remember, olive oil adds a lot of caloric density if you want to add it to some veggies.