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Fast Food For A Bulk?


What about pizza? The articles I've read here say to stay away from these foods, but I saw a couple of people (almost) suggest fast food to someone else:


Would it really be a bad idea to eat a couple slices of pizza or a couple burgers a week for extra calories while eating clean the rest of the time? Or would these empty calories do nothing but make a person gain fat? Just curious.


It's very difficult to get the calories you need if all you're eating is tuna, chicken, vegies and whatever else.

There's nothing wrong with (real) hamburgers. There just aren't many places that still make em'.

I think Harvey's makes some good burgers. It's been years since I've been there. At least they make them on a grill right in front of you.

Eat up!


As long as 70% of your diet is good and you work out hard you have nothing to worry about. Have your pizza and burgers just make sure they are the exception and not the rule.


Pizza and burgers hardly qualify as empty calories. Red meat is good for you as is most everything on a pizza. Quantity control would be the issue here.

Really, a simple goal would be to try and eat fairly clean 75% of the time. If you can do that, you'll be miles ahead of the game. Depending on goals you can raise that to 90%, but to me, that is a tad restrictive. Especially going into summer. But for bulking it is less of a concern.


Empty calories? As apposed to full calories? Whole calories? Half-full/half-empty calories?

A calorie is a unit of measurement, get it right.


Empty calories = Kcals without any nutritional benefit (IE: Artificial Shizzit).

Hes saying you get good protein in the burger, and pizza has some decent stuff as well.


Are you really this stupid. You must be, there'd be no other reason to admit to it in public like this.

I'll rehash slowly so when your mom reads it to you, you will be able to follow.

The OP asked if it was ok to eat empty cals. like pizza and burgers.

I called him on that and said that pizza and burgers hardly qualify as empty cals. (Just for you, that means they do count as cals.) In fact are quality foods, but foods that should be watched quantitatively.(That means watch how much you eat)

Empty cals. is an accepted term used for cals. that contain little to no nutritional value. So while it is a measurable unit, it still is a useful term in qualifying/quantifying cals.

Now, back to your gameboy.


And since when is pizza considered fast food? You know how long it takes to cook one of those? :slight_smile:

Really when I think of fast food I think of McD's, Taco Bell, KFC. Pizza has some good nutritional value besides the fat, so I honestly don't think it even counts. As others have aid, portion control is the key. And not eating greasy pepperoni.

I also agree with the empty calorie debate. The biggest empty calories are non-diet pop (soda, coke, whatever you call it where you're from).


I don't know why, but people just don't get how hard it is to truly put on weight. When bulking, eat anything you can get your damn hands on!! Recently, little ceasers had a large pizza for 5 bucks. I'd eat 3-4 a week, and I'd eat it in one sitting. Your going to put some fat on in bulk, deal with it, it's part of the goal.

One of the guys in my gym who just started dieting 17 weeks out for a show told me what he had recently gone through to put on weight.

1 6 pack of bagles with peanut butter per day.

1 gallon whole milk per day

15 whole eggs per day

2 chicken breasts

2 steaks

4 weight gainer style shakes per day

Any free food he could get

1-2 fast food meals (eg large pizza or multiple sandwhiches)

2 other misc meals/snacks throughout the day

That was pretty crazy I thought, gave me some good ideas for my next bulk.

Anyways, as Al Yankovich said "just eat it"



Chiming in late here and everyone pretty much made the right points....anyway.

I really don't believe there ARE empty calories.
It all depends on what you are trying to do.

Berardi has offered a quote from his professor many times that i agree with:
"there are no bad foods, just bad times to eat them".

Is there a place for fastfood, pizza, sodas, candy and cakes? Of course.
Ask Dave Tate about his lifting totals.

Are there consequences?
Sure, ask Dave about his arteries, liver, blood pressure and waist measurement.

Depends on your goals and priorities.


for some of us, getting rid of fat is easier said than done, seriously.

I can put myself on any sort of diet and exercise for lengths and this mother ******* flab in my midsection will NOT leave.

it may be because i used to be 280(167 as of today), but i am only 20 years old, shouldnt skin tighten up? Im sure its fat. I must have strong endomorphic qualities.


Same can be said the other way. Some of you dont realize how damn easy it is to gain wieght in a BAD way. Im on a bulk have slowly added on 60+lbs over 2 years and have to WATCH it big time or ill just fucking turn into a whale over night. I have to keep it VERY clean Now in the 5000k/cal a day range. I allow one all I can stand SHIT meal a week and the rest of the time im 100% strict.

Its about finding what YOU need.



Skin??? I was 300 at my highest and around 22-23 dropped to 175. now slow bulk up to about 240. So thats been about 7 years. Skin tighten SOME but no. Not all I am actually looking into getting it removed now that I have proven to my self I will never be a tub of lard again.

Really depends on how much you have (lose skin) also when/how young were you when you added a lot of weight. I was a lil tike which is NOT good as I didnt just expnd existing fat cell I created a ton of new ones. At older agesw you stop gaining and losing fat cells they just expand and contract. So the older the better as far as getting fat to a point. and the younger the better as far as losing and skin tightening up goes.



60lbs in 2 years is not a "slow" bulk. If you have done that natty, even more impressive. I understand that some people have a slower metabolism than others, and fat gain is eaiser. I think in this case muscle gain is also eaiser, so you don't need to cram as much stuff down your piehole.

It just seems to me that there are alot of skinny guys on this site, and that train in general who don't understand why they can't put weight on.



For the most part, I am in complete agreement with Monopoly on this one.

I know it is not "in vogue" on this site any more, but I still do the bulk/cut cycles.

And when I bulk, I friggin' bulk. I eat every damn thing in site (With the exception of sweets). I eat burgers, mexican food up the wazoo, pizza (generally get chicken, sausage, pepperoni and spinach on the same pie), 2 Footlong sandwiches from Quiznos, etc.

I do eat fairly clean foods too whenever I bulk (e.g. cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, etc.), but I just give myself more wiggle room. When fat gain starts to become an issue, I throw in 2-3 short cardio sessions a week. If it is still going wild then I start to tighten the diet up to more closely resemble my maintenance diet, but with more food.

That being said I usually allow myself to get up to about 18-19% BF, sometimes I'm sure I hit twenty. I then work on dieting down.

Yes, it is a yo-yo process
Yes, it might not be the most efficient way to put on muscle over the long term.
But damnit, I love it.


Oh I agree 100% on the skinny guys thing and many of them yes need to learn to friggin eat. Most finding it tough to cram 2000 down there pie hole where as me hell give me the green light I could easily stick with Dave Tate in the 10000 area on the right foods but it would NOT be pretty ive seen it.

Thanks on the progress comments and yes from 180 to 235-240 was natural But you it must be said as well I did a shit diet to get from 215 - 175 after haveing a successfull diuet from a FAT 300-215. that last pahse saw me lose a LOT of muslce so some muscle memory and just hard ass work and dedication to hyes eating took place. I just hapen to have to keep it damn clean but still must stuff my face.

I think we agree on the most part just are coming from differing areas/backgrounds. But were ding what the hell it takes for us in the gym and kitchen.



Opon the natural thing cause im surte someone may comment on it. there were some PH/PS in there MAG-10 etc two weekers but they were legal at the time etc and well say 90% of that 60 was natural.


mostly gained in between the ages of 9-16 so yea. I have a ton of stretch marks in all the predictable locations. So yea i guess i'm pretty much done for when it comes to number of fat cells.

Oh well i'm still powering through like a truck, i gain more motivation each day.


Drying tears from my eyes while ROTFLMAO...