Fast Food Choices

If you guys are on the road and have nothing to eat, where do you stop, what do you get and why do you make that choice?

I'm doing a little background research for an article I'm working on, so please just answer the original question. I don't want to debate on the quality of fast food, etc. We can do that in another post. Thanks!

I useto have to do quite a bit of traveling for my previous employer. And since I like to be a “organized” traveler, to know where to work out, where to eat, what I can do if I’m bored, etc. I would do ALOT of research on the destination. I would find out where the closest grocery stores were at, where the closest Chinese or Japanese restaurants where at. I prefer Asian food when traveling - I don’t know, since I know what to order, I find it “safer” than fast food joints. Most hotels have a microwave available and if it was a nicer hotel, a fridge and microwave in the room. AND I would usually buy at the grocery stores, protein bars, oatmeal, bagels, fruit to keep around.

Jason, ask Ko - I'm probably one of the most orgranized travelers health is important ot me, even when traveling.

If I’m planning on being on the road, I always pack a little lunch cooler stocked with appropriate items for the meals I need just like I pack to work every day. If caught in a situation with out my cooler, I head for a grocery store and buy items I normally eat - cottage cheese or other cheese, yogurt, fruit, nuts, tuna, black beans (note, I do carry a can opener in the glove box). If forced to eat fast food, I might occasionally eat turkey & veggy sub at sub shop but try to avoid that as last resort. If purposely eating out at restaurant which I don’t do alot, I choose grilled fish or good quality steak, salad with vinegarette dressing, veggies, and maybe 1/2 potato.

I’ll go for a couple BK Chicken Broilers and a Diet Coke. I order these dry with just tomatoes and lettuce. Then I ask for a few packets of mustard and proceed to eat these without the bun. I order these because they’re grilled and do not have a batter coating. Granted, it’s still fast food, but it’s better than a Double-Double with cheese, a large fries, and a regular Coke. Now, I didn’t say it was better tasting than the latter, just better nutritionally - somewhat. However, I do partake in the above for a cheat meal occasionally. Yummmmyyyy!

Wendy’s… (2) plain chicken sandwiches and a plain baked potato

The new Chicken Whopper is pretty good, although the bread is a necessary evil I wish there was a non messy way around it.

Pollo Tropical are popular in Florida. It is marinated chicken cooked on a grill. I skip the rice and beans.

I do fast food sometimes. I just eat the bun separate from the meat. Heck, 3 or 4 big macs (meat only) give a decent (errr, kinda) P+F meal.

Burrito stands, and then only ones that use fresh ingredients, I have to admit it but if i’m on the way to the river to do some fishing, i make a stop at Mcdonalds for an egg mcmufin, but only if i woke up late and did not have time to make something, its usually the only place open that early in small towns.

Wendy’s is definitely your best fast food restaurant to go for when looking for a quick meal on the road. Thier grilled chicken sandwich is a great C + P meal on the go. It contains: 300 cals, 7g fat, 24g protein, 36 carbs. I think it runs around three bucks. Thier large chilli also goes with the whole C + P theme, and contains: 310 cals, 10g fat, 32g carbs, 23 protein. Both taste great. Hope that helps! -D

Taco Bell, chicken taco’s,
Wendy’s Chili

Didn’t know that!

i remember seeing a post like this a few months back when i first saw the t-mag forums…if i absolutely am in a rush and STARVING, i will sacrifice general ‘healthiness’ for maximal dollar-to-fill-me-up ratio (if that makes ANY sense at all). and for this i find nothing better than the good ole rodeo cheesburger at BK.

btw, i remember in the previous post about a similar topic, a place called “Chick-fil-a” seemed to have a lotta people in a frenzy over how delicious and relatively healthy it was for a fast food joint. i’ve looked around my area for em (nyc) but only know of one way out in new jersey. go figure =P

ive been getting wendys BLT salad a lot recently…

I usually try to carry a cooler with me. If I cannot, Chinese food is usually a good bet (you can order without oil at most places). For fast food, I like the Wendy’s chicken sandwich (two of them), a plain baked potato, and a diet Coke. Arby’s has some okay choices too. Also, Subway sucks, but they do have several good P+C sandwiches (don’t go too often though, unless you want to turn into Jared!).

I usually go for the BK Broiler, hold the mayo, and ask for it open-faced.

If you get a 6" double meat chicken sandwich and skip the mayo you can almost call it an OK meal. Once a week on carb up day it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t make it a habit though.

Fish & Chip stores will grill a nice piece of fish for you. Also, you can grab a few roast chicken breasts from a Charcoal chicken store… Don’t know if you’ve got those types of stores in the US though?

If caught out in the middle of somewhere starving and forced to get something to eat at someplace like a gas station I’ll usually go for some beef jerky and mixed nuts.

Sometimes I’ll go to Subway (nobody make comments) & get a BMT or 2. Haven’t done that in a while. If I was near a KFC I’d get a Big Crunch combo. It’s been so long since I last went to a KFC & I’ve heard that they’re not making them anymore so I don’t know if they’ve still got them. I know Subway still as BMTs though! :slight_smile: