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Fast Food Bodybuilding


Sometimes it's tough to find the time to prepare a nice high protein meal, so post what you get when you eat fast food.

I actually go to Wendy's quite often, and I get 4 double stacks with no cheese. Turn them into two burgers, eat only half the bun on each
~100g protein, ~70g fat, ~20 Carbs all for about $4. Can't beat that!


I am strict during my diet days but on my cheat day(being the fast food addict that I am) I had in a period of 4 hours

3 Double quarter pounder with cheese meels
2 3 plate chinese take away meals
1 Beef lovers new york pizza(24 inches accross)
and yes the staple
A supersized Diet Coke

I am gonna kill my self one of those cheat days

I can never ober come the troll living in my head.....


Big Buford from Checker's

Double Whopper w/cheese from BK

Nothing from McD's

Various burritos from taco bell



4 by 1, protein style

4 meat patties, 1 slice of cheese, no bun but wrapped in letuce. costs 4.56$.


I actually go to Wendy's quite often, and I get 4 double stacks with no cheese. Turn them into two burgers, eat only half the bun on each

This is what I do and it's awesome. However, I usually do two double stacks and a lg chilli.


I either go to Burger king and get a tripple whopper with no mayo or ketchup, sub with LOTS of mustard and pickles, then i remove one bun.

Or I go to Carl Jr's and get the superstar same as above but just ask them to make it low carb (wrapped in lettuce).

Third option is I go to KFC and just buy a few breasts, remove most of the skin.. peel and eat.

Fourth option is I get roasted lamb from guys who sell it on street corners where I live. Its really delicious but the meat is super fatty. Low carb for sure tho. :slight_smile:

Fifth option is I just walk into a hole in the wall resto and get them to "make it my way". Mix and match stuff from the menu. Like an order of sweet and sour cabbage, but with three of the "extra chicken" option from the noodle dish added. Lol gets some funny looks, but it works.


i go to mcdonalds out of necessity twice a week due to $ and time constraints...2 mcdoubles...800 calories

it's preplanned, and i track all my food....so, I've adjusted my cals that day down to account for the extra cals im getting from the burgers...


A Double Stack with no cheese has 26 grams of carbs. I don't know how you calculated the 20 gm carbs... just one complete junior size bun is 24 grams of carbs.



Shawarma, a lot of places give you a shit load of quality meat.


therajraj spot on mate i love me some good lamb and chicken shawarma
here in Egypt we actually buy it from some Syrian places by the Kilo fuck its delicious with some Tomeya or Tahina


El pollo loco actually has alot of healthy choices, grilled chicken, steamed veggies, salads, pinto beans.
If theres one in your state its a great choice.


The only time I'm really pressed to eat fast food is when I'm on lay-overs in airports. Although they give me an excuse to order a couple Sausage + Egg Mcmuffins and just eat them without the english muffins. Whole eggs and sausage..protein and fat mmmm.


Im with ya, here in Miami wa have Pollo Tropical (same as pollo loco) and Boston Market... both have drive thrus and have some of the healthiest food out there all on one plate for $4-5

but to be honest with an iphone i can find any restaurant i like in the area plus the phone number to have something ready for pick up when i arrive


McD's sausage is kinda scary. I like the traditional McMuffin, where the canadian bacon seems more harmless.

Some airports I'm getting better at. In Houston I know where to get a good rotisserie chicken, or seafood. And there's great steakhouses in Denver and Newark that I know of. Other airports, I'm still just wingin' it. Pardon the pun.


Obviously if you're not in the middle of strict cut, or contest prep, you can get away with a lot more variance in your diet, especially if you're one of those people who have a hard time getting enough calories in everyday. I was at an all-day concert a few weeks ago, and let's just say that things weren't planned as well as I would have liked. My lunch consisted of 5 McDonald's Cheeseburgers. Sure, the cals and fat were a good deal more than I wanted, but all I cared about was keeping up my meal cadence, and getting enough protein in at each feeding.



I like to get 3 grilled chicken snack wraps from mcdonalds. bout 60 grams in total. only about $4 too.


Pollo Tropical isn't the same as El Pollo Loco. Having said that Pollo Tropical is amazing, considering the quality of food and the price. I spent a total of 12 dollars over like 2 weeks (with the help of friends) eating at pollo tropical. They have coupons on the receipts which I exploited to their full extent.


yea i kow its not the same but its similiar... jus like i consider it a hispanic Boston Market... lol... but yea, cant beat that free 1/4 meal with the survey at the bottom