Fast Food (Anabolic Diet)

Anyone on a low carb diet eat fast food? I remember Poliquin saying at a seminar that all fast food places put filler like wheat in the beef? Is this absolutely true, anyone hear this or anything else? It was really convenient, I was out studying and it was time to eat. Went to Burger King and they have a triple cheeseburger on sale. Got it w/out cheese, just 3 burgers w/ bacon, only 2 bucks for the burger w/ a little bbq sauce and diet soda. Anyone else do this and notice any change in progress on their diet?

Only us crazy T-mag readers would be posting a question about using a Burger King three layer burger to help their diet. Imagine the first time reader who sees that and just runs away reaching for the comfort of the latest mens health. We are positively across the line. Ever try to explain to someone how carbs are worse than fat? Their eyes cloud over during the talk about insulin and fat storage and then at the end they wake up and look at you with a funny expression and blame it on your genetics that such a crazy plan works for you. I’ve just given up and give a different answer to everyone who asks. I can usually tell if they really want to learn or not. My last response was that I drink two pints of guinness before bed every night. Not too nice, but hey. Ever try to tell a girl that whole eggs are better than rice cakes? Just try.
Sorry I didn’t answer your question, but I think I read that the burgers are not too bad but that you should maybe skip the bun.

I eat fast food (chili, burgers, chick sands, etc.) several times a week. I don’t see any problem with them if you’re trying to gain. I just avoid fries and pies and crap.

Every fast food restaurant is required to have nutritional information for their foods upon request. I would skip the BBQ sauce though as that’s probably loaded with sugars.

I used to have a “Royale w. cheese” from Mickey D’s on a somewhat regular basis, just to break the monotony of low-carb dieting. I can’t say that it hindered my progress any. Interesting tidbit about Poliquin and putting wheat in the burgers though. Even if this is the case, I can’t imagine there is enough in there to throw the diet off. Enjoy the burger, but maybe skip the BBQ, it is a lot higher in carbs than most people realize.

Oh, I forgot one important thing: if you’re low-carbing it, skip the bun on your burger too. I imagine you probably already knew this.

Thanx for the help, guys.
Teddykgb, skip the bun, come on, u know me better than that, of course I do. JK, really, thanx for the help. Just use a little bit of bbq sauce, I know it’s loaded w/ sugar. Use prob about 1/10 of it, just for a little flavor. Teddy, I know u’re hardcore into reading about nutrition, so am I. Have u read Di Pasqaule’s Metabolic Diet. It looks good, if u did what do u think about it. Also, if u get a chance, check out Beverly Int.'s site and check their back issue for Q%A about the High Fat diet, it’s by Dr. Eric Serrano. I love reading anything I can about him too, he seems to really know his shit. I calculated the sample diet (like I said, VERY anal) and his ratios came to about 42%prot, 41%fat, and 17%carbs) REALLY high carbs post-workout, but it looks like a good diet. Also check out his article on perfect timing for leaner bodies. U prob knew all this already, just 2 interesting reads. Since Poliquin does seminars with him I assume the guy really is the man, curious who else he’s worked with, it’s hard to find a lot of his material on nutrition. Anyway, talk to u later, bud.

Flex, I didn’t even look to see who posted the question when I answered. Anyway, I bought the Metabolic Diet book and I have to admit I was disappointed with it. My main gripe was there was little detail in it or new info that I didn’t already know. I still say Lyle McDonald’s book is the best piece ever written on ketogenic dieting. Dr. Mauro really pushes his new supplement line in it too, at times it seemed like I was reading Muscle Media. I am intrigued by Dr. Serrano, although I’m curious to know where he came up w. his “guaranteed” creatine loading method. I mean, if most people get gastrointestinal upset from even moderate doses, what good would taking a really high dose right off the bat do, whether you cycle it or not? To me, this would only work for people who don’t have a problem tolerating creatine. Ian King’s method seems to make more sense, starting low and going up and down for 8 weeks. I haven’t seen Beverly’s site, I will have to check into it. It seems there are quite a few who believe in his BCAA recommendations.

I agree with a lot of what u said about the Metabolic Diet. I think it’s very similar to the Anabolic Diet, actually I think some of the chapters were cut and pasted with Metabolic Diet being replace with Anabolic Diet (check it out if u have both books) but I still really respect the Dr. I’m also VERY intruiged w/ what Dr. Serrano has to say. I also agree with your opinion about the Creatine Cycle, I suppose though if you respond well to creatine his cycle is probably best. Someone from a post on this site said they gained 20lbs in 8 weeks with Dr Serrano’s cycle, and Ian Kings newsletter someone wrote to the Dr telling him that he gained I believe 11 lbs in a few weeks, so I suppose it’s pretty good if you tolerate it. Another thing if your lactose intolerant (which I am) u can’t follow those diet recommendations in that article I was telling u about about the high fat diet, most meals have milk or half in half, so it would have to be tweaked if I were to follow his ratio’s. But u’re right, everything is individual and it takes experimenting. Anyway, trying to find out when his book is coming out, he’s gonna write one on nutrition and I’m dying for more info.