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Fast Five


Dam the series got a MAD REBOOT, it was actually really really entertaining. Had some cheesy moments but overall was great action flick.

Also The Rock is just fucken huge. Why doesn't he have a bunch of action movies lined up?


I was very pleasantly surprised with this movie. It was a lot better than i expected it to be. And yes, the Rock is the shit.


The movie was ok, It needed more racing scenes In my opinion. The best scene was the Rock and Vin Diesel throwdown.


I'm glad people saw it and are saying it's not too bad.

I saw the previews but didn't want to admit that I thought it looked good. lol


Isn't it interesting that when the first movie came out gas was .99 a gallon and they drove four cylander cars now gas at $4.00 they're driving 8 cylander monsters funny how taste in cars change.


That brawl was the greatest thing ever. if those 2 guys fought in real life thats how it would probably look like lol. I loved it not huge into cars so i was glad it was more story-based. The Rock was quite a bit bigger then normal and he was lean too, and for some reason sweating through the whole movie. Even the scenes when theyre just standing and talking hes just dripping everywhere haha. His worst line was when he said
You know I always eat my dessert first! Like wtf where they thinking


Saw it last night. LOVED IT.

And yes, the Rock/Diesel throwdown was probably one of the best parts of the movie.

I also loved how during the car testing scenes, it implied that they kept going out and winning new cars every time they wanted to test one of them. That made me laugh when I thought of it.

Although it did seem to rip a LOT of plot from The Italian Job.

Everyone stuck around for the post-credit scene, right? Quite interesting :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thanks for mentioning the post credit scene just googled it now im happy :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the movie based on dumb entertainment value, but that fight scene was just lol. I love how afterwards neither one of them has a scratch when in reality their faces would look like balloons.

And I just googled the post credits scene and got really pissed off. If they try to bring Dom's gf back from the dead (which of course they will, how else can they extend the franchise to F&F19:Berlin Grand Prix) I think I may be done with this series.

Not sorry for being a buzzkill.


Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it.


What theyre gonna do is vin diesel will get a eyesight problem and need these special glasses to see then he will travel with his dead gf to the future then will be mad because now he doesnt have his cars and and money and will rage-kill her with these knew knives he got in the spaceship they took then he will go to jail and be sent to some prison and then that will make all the fast and furious movies a prequel to pitch black. Dom well then go by his middle name which is Riddick.



Nice bit of douchbaggery with that HUGE spoiler you just posted. But yeah why the hell was The Rock sweating so much?

Also SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

There is no way Vin Diesel beats The Rock in a hand to hand while rock is at that size. He had to of weighed a solid 30 - 50 lbs more than vin diesel


Thought it was cool to see someone make Vin look like a little guy. Rock was massive in this one. Fight scene was okay, but this was definitely the best of the series so far. Last one was good, this one went a little further.

And just once, can they make a minigun sound like a minigun, and not a regular machine gun? Sorry, little pet peeve of mine.

One last thing, and my wife agreed with me on this one, where the hell did they find these skinny little chicks for the street racing scene? Aren't Brazilian women known for the ASS?


Had the same thought during that scene as well. Casting director dropped the booty ball on that one.

Only bootylicious chicks were a the end with Tyrese and Ludacris.


I was sorely disappointed. Might as well have been set in California or something.


They have curves they don't all have fat asses, case in point this chick here.


^^^Not looking for totally fat asses, but some curves would have been nice. Most of them weren't much curvier than the Israeli chick, who looked about twelve once she stripped down to the bikini. The cop chick thouch, she was smokin hot. I was expecting her to turn out to be Letty's sister the whole time.


Just came back from the movie and was impressed it was like Ocean Eleven with more muscle and car chases.

I laughed out loud when that army chick dropped into her bikini and was anorexic and people were looking like she was supposed to be hot

Also The Rock is awesome and it was funny seeing him dwarfing Vin Diesel.

AND FUCK, i didn't know there was a post-credit scene.


Saw it last night, nothing will trump the original but the brawl was pretty epic. Nice to see more of a plot driven film but the dialogue was cringe worthy at best.


I heard they have some chargers in it. nice. I own a superbee charger srt8, currently having a magna supercharger installed. when finished itll the fastest thing on 4 wheels. or close, lol. close to 700 horse power. if i ever get the car back.