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Fast Five Trailer



ehh, can someone tell me whats wrong with my soul that this does not excite me like it should...and is it me or is D looking old


Probably for the same reason that when I saw it, my first thought was, "Hey didn't I see this one five years ago?"


ummm same movie different name? check.
same shitty stunts? check.
subpar story line? check.
much older now then when the first movie came out? check.

prolli the same reasons why ure not as excited as i am about the movie...


Screw you guys, I'm gonna go see it.


hahahahahahahahah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I didn't say I wouldn't see it...but Its just not on my top 10...damn I don't even have a top 5 movies I'm looking foward to...Hollywood needs to step there game up.


Movie looks entertaining. Obviously it's not going to be Inception. Should still be fun to watch.


I just want to watch the inevitable clip of Vin D fighting with the Rock. The rest... meh...


saw "faster" with the rock... much better IMO


I'm betting that it will not go down. If they showed that in the clip I would have been more hyped about it.


cool all the old gang are back.except lenny.damn!


How come, when you first see the two Chargers slide onto the screen, do they sound like ricers, and then later sound like an actual muscle car?

I'll see it, eventually. I still haven't seen the last one. Was it any good, or just what you'd expect?


Have you ever seen a constipated Dog, try and try and try again to release the same turd over and over again untill finally after a couple of tries it comes out and the dog looks niether happy or sad about it...that was the Last Fast&Furious movie.


Actually, I'll 1 up that: I had to actually "deliver" a turd from my dog's ass one time because it wouldn't come out, and she was running around freaked out about it being stuck. So yes, I know what you're talking about, and now think I just might have to pass on "Fast & Constipated"

Thanks for the tip


You guys suck. That looks like a better movie than any of the previous ones. Plus, how many car movies have been made that are actually watchable aside from these?

I am STILL waiting on a really decent motorcycle movie because one has not been made yet....and I've seen that popcorn Torque movie 500 times just because there are bikes in it.

It's just not fair.

But yeah, acting like Vin Diesel is on his death bed is lame. He's older...just like the rest of you...and still in shape if not bigger than he was before.


I'm just posting this because I'll forget about it later.

I enjoyed Fast and Furious. I'm enjoy this as well. It has the Rock! THE ROCK!

Plus, Faster was bad ass!


I'm not holding my breath for a good movie to come out revolving around bikes, but I have hope that SOMEDAY.....SOMEDAY it'll happen!


Dude, Wol, that is awesome!


Looks fucking awesome.

Love the first one (even though it's a beat by beat rip-off of Point Break). Second one blew - Tokyo Drift was pretty lame, but I thought Too Fast Too Furious was great, looking forward to Fast Five. Cool that The Rock is in it.


CT acts too?


Looks like the exact same movie it was the last 4 times. Always thought Jordana Brewster was pretty sexy though.