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OK Brock advises you might want to try a day of all protein no fat. I want to know how much protein per lb of lbm of those DAYS?

Isn’t fast fat a keto diet? If so I believe Lyle McD said protein will cause an insulin response (without fat). So wouldn’t that kick you out of keto?

I've been on keto diet since Jan and I know if I did all protein without fat I would be hungry all day. (Fat blunts hunger).

An answer to your question might be to take your daily calories and divide by 4.

READ THE FAST FAT PART DEAX and even Tim Patterson mentions something about this in behind the scenes. HE Says to do it once a week! BUT MY QUESTION IS HOW MUCH???

“Low carb guru Lyle McDonald also put forth an interesting idea. Once or twice per week it might be a good idea to have virtually 100% of all caloric intake come from protein. The science behind this is sound, so I’ll probably opt to try it once per week on non-training days”.-Brock

Keep the same amount of protein as the other days. No one should go under 150g of protein no matter what their bodyweight is though.

I figured you wouldn’t want your calories to fall so low. If my LBM is 185 thats a very low calorie day. So Until I hear different I’m gonna eat 2g per lb oflbm 1 day aweek with no fats or carbs. Just tuna, eggwhites, turkey breast and protein powder.

Chris, I think you’re looking into this too deeply. Brock was on about 1300 calories during the Fat Fast, so when he was saying about taking 100% of his calories from protein he would be referring to 100% of what he was on - which was 1300 calories. Thus, he would be eating about (1300/4=325) 325g of protein that day. It would actually be closer to 300g because there would be a bit of fat from meat and protein powder, but that’s it. Best of luck if you try this.