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Fast Fat Loss? Please Help


Hello all. So I’m just going to get right to the point. I want to shed some fat and fast. As fast as possible. I know that there is no magic solution or shortcut, but I am looking for advice on a program to follow that can get me results in the shortest time. Something tough and that people can back up from experience. I am not a beginner, but through all of my years of lifting I’ve always carried love handles, now I’m not fat, but I do need to shed that last bit around my stomach and love handles that’s always been a problem area for me. I will probably follow some type of carb cycling diet while doing a program. I am wanting to cut maybe until September before I start to bulk up again. I know it may seem stupid to turn right around and bulk, but I’m just sick of my love handles and would like to cut down on them some before winter. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Fat Loss Help Needed!

I wrote a few programs that would get the job done…

https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/hard-body-training-for-women (even if it is technically a women training article it will work equally well fore men).

But really it comes down mostly to diet.

BTW I am personally against the whole “bulking” thing. I think that it is very inefficient, can be unhealthy in some cases and when you diet the fat off most of the time you end up with no more muscle gain then if you had stayed lean while consuming only a slight surplus.