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Fast Fat Loss at Home

I used to be a pretty average guy 6’1 220lbs. I’d hit the gym with frequency to maintain strength. Over the past year I’ve put on a ton of weight. I’m at 327 and really unhealthy. Buddy of mine challenged me to lose 107 lbs in 120 days.

Never really had to cut or drop weight before. Thinking about getting back into working out AT HOME and cutting to 1,500 calorie a day diet, to take him up on this. What do you guys recommend here?

99% chance this not going to happen especially with home workouts(Great you’re ambitious about fatloss tho).
Buttt… to humour you, do this template below for training and/or join like an MMA gym or triathlete community and tell them about your goal and get them help workout a game plan to and put you through brutal workouts

Diet: main thing eat super clean. Dont start with a harsh calorie cut, get in say 2500 calories to support heavy training. -1500 you will tank your metabolism and and also make you more injury prone.


Impossibile, and your thought is going to sabatoge you. You will screw up you metabolism. Have you read any other post? People seem to think they can starve themselves thin. Seems okay because overeating got you here. But the body is complicated.

Read some other post from people thinking like you.

I’d definitely advise against cutting your calories that low.

But here’s some good news: Your metabolism is actually quite high, from the simple fact that it has to be in order to support you at the current 300+lbs you are now.

That’s A perfect opportunity to rearrange your food choices. I wouldn’t even cut your calories down. I would say to just match them with food choices that are of the highest quality you can find AND afford.

After you’ve gotten your diet mostly under control, start following a well structured training program. I’d highly suggest any program on this site. Just be sure to follow it, and be as transparent with yourself as possible.

Listen to what these people are saying. Also, when you say workout AT HOME…how?

Get that type of weight loss out of your head. Your talking about near a pound a day. That a daily negative calorie balanced of 3600 calories a day give or take.


PSMF diet.

If I wanted to do this, I’d probably do the carnivore diet, 2-3x daily walks and 2-3 days in the gym.

Expect to be extremely miserable and difficult to be around
Expect a big chance of falling short
Expect a big chance of failure
Expect a big chance of a rebound back to where you were and more
Expect a reasonable chance of giving your hormones a big kick in the nuts for a long time after you stop