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fast fat for women results

Anybody knows what happened to the bitch that Brock put on fast fat program? Was the experiment successful? I couldn’t find it in the archives. I think he was talking about it in useful stuff a few months ago.

Well, fag, we haven’t heard anything from Brock in T-mag, but someone posted the other day that she had an injury and quit. I hope that helps, fag.

BTW, I hope you don’t mind me calling you fag, you fag, because since you use the term “bitch” liberally, I figure you’ll be okay with my name for you, even though I don’t know you just as you don’t know Brock’s friend. Peace, fag!

I wanna know too, could use some of that experience with my bitch.

I don’t think this is a good diet for a canine. (hee hee)

Sure, I don’t mind. Words are just sound, ultimately you are the person who choses to give them any meaning. Carying about what others call you is like worrying too much what other think about you or say behind you back, all that means nothing to someobody who is comfortable with himself.

I gotta back T-Chick up with this one.

No, it’s not just sound, it’s respect. I agree with T-chick and jason.

Nick, asshole’s like you give weightlifter’s a bad image. From the way you explained, it sounds like you would have no problem calling your mother or significant other a bitch. Stop being so fucking ignorant and give people the respect that they deserve. By the way, the ladies name was Laurie. Not that you care, dickhead!

As a linguistics major, I can say with some assurance that it’s not “just sound”. Certain sounds carry meaning, that’s how we communicate. I mean, if I say something like “Nick’s so stupid, he has to moon himself to count to two”, that’s not just sound. I’m saying something to you. Otherwise, you could have said “that thrippp that Brock put on the fat fast” - but then no one would have known what you were talking about, would they?

“Words are just sounds” - that argument’s as old as dirt, and about as intelligent.

I enjoy it from time to time when topics switch from the original to whatever. My advice? Don’t use the term bitch so liberally. Some of the c%nts on this board get offended. Some of these Ho’s are our friends, while some skanks are casual passers by. Really, though, what is the longest that a fat fast is really productive? I can only imagine going nuts after a certain amount of time.