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Fast Fat Diet question

I am on fast fat diet right now and I dont feel that bad…only been on for 2 days though. My question is why am I eating flax seed oil that has 14g of fat per serving, making my daily total 70g. I know that somehow this is supposed to make me loose weight, but I am just wondering how. If I cut out the 5 spoons of oil I would have 0g of fat, which seems to me to be a better way to loose weight.

Well then, you don’t know anything about losing weight. Hint: Dietary fat /= people fat.

Following your line of reasoning, people that ate only nonfat yogurt would have absolutely no fat on them, correct? Been there, done that, didn’t happen. Trust me.

You obviously don’t understand the diet and the importance of the fat.
Look in past articles and do a search for “fat fast” or “FF diet”.

Tommy…lets go over a few mechanisms of the human body. You’re eating the fats for a few reasons. One, the intake of dietary fat in the absense of carbohydrates will knock your body into ketosis. Ketosis is what happens when your body lacks the proper amount of glucose to function (since your brain can only use glucose as fuel, not dietary fat or protein). Being in ketosis spares muscle protein. A ketone is actually a chunk of a fatty acid. Thus being in ketosis in a lot of ways promotes the breakdown of fat.
Ok, as for why you’re taking in extra calories…
For one the fat fast is already extrememly low in calories. For the average male weightlifter their metabolism is approximetly 16x their bodyweight in lbs a day (in terms of kcals). If you go too far below it, your thyroid production will slow to a crawl, and your metabolsim will basically turn to shit, as will your energy levels. ALso your body will start shedding muscle tissue, start taking nutrients from bones, in an effort to feed itself.
So while you can lose weight faster, you ultimately will not.

  1. You will lower resting metabolic rate
  2. You will lower the workload you can handle during excercise due to decreased strength and muscle mass…

Now the good things about taking Flax seed oil…

  1. It’s good for. It like a flush for your bloodstream helping to remove the bad triglycerides and cholesterol.
  2. It’ll help your insulin sensitivity, making you a bit more sensitive.
  3. The taking in on fats promotes CCK (Cholecystokinin I think it’s spelled) release to the brain. This hormone stimulates brain to negate your appetite.
  4. You need oils in your diet for a lot of functions…aka your skin cells, cell production (yes, you have lipids in your cells).
  5. Some evidence shows that diets higher in fat lead to increased testosterone levels.
  6. You will have higher energy levels and will not completely destroy your thyroid metabolism.
  7. Over time you can “train” your body to rely primarily on fat metabolism rather than carbohydrate metabolism.
  8. Your body burns fat rather than carbohydrates throughout most of the day, unless you’re performing an excercise at more than 70% of maximal load.
  9. When doing cardio, after 16 minutes the majority of energy consumptions comes from fats.

So basically you need fat in your diet for a lot of fuctions…I"ve tried the fat fast before and never lasted more than 10 days on it. It’s a bitch, but it works if you do it right. Take a good anti-catabolist while on it, such as 1-ad or mag-10. I’d choose those over Hot-Rox currently. Also keep your caffeine intake high, along with a lot of warm beverages such as tea to quelm your appetite.
I hope this helps.

Tommy is absolutely right.
I’ll take it a step further…
Stop eating the protein too and you’ll triple your results. yeah, it’s true just make popsicles out of water and eat those all day.
You’ll be a walking anatomy chart by next week.

Wow,Yeah you really should read up on how and why diets work,as well as finding out the real “truth” about macronutrients.And by the way,Cutting the fat would make the Fat Fast an all protien diet which is no good…Please read up and learn, welcome to the Forum!

Yea cause recovering anoxerics know a lot about nutrition and smart choices don’t they Lone?

This has to be a joke…