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Fast Fat Androsol-Free?

I’m coming off an extended Androsol mass cycle and want to segue into a Fast Fat diet, but won’t be able to use Androsol for awhile because of the previous use; will Methoxy and Tribex be adequate enough for muscle preservation? I know the Methoxy-substitution is recommended for women doing the Fast Fat…but I ain’t no woman.

My advice is to break down the fat fast into 2week cycles with a carb-up weekend in between. I tried the FF with and without Androsol and I got pretty much the same results, but I noticed after 2 weeks I started losing too much muscle, even when I was using Androsol. But the first 2 weeks worked great. So now I break it down into 2week cycles. I wouldn’t do this diet for too long though. Maybe 3-2week cycles. Any more than this your body will adapt to it and you will lose too much muscle.

So your suggestion is hit it for 2 weeks, do a carb up weekend, then hit it for 2 more weeks? From what I understand, you shouldn’t do it for more than 4 weeks or so anyway as your body will adapt, so that makes sense. Thanks for the info.