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fast fasting....=) T- Vixen here! FFSG

Okay…I’ve started my FF today and I am not sure about my caloric intake. I believe it’s 900- 1000 calories a day…I think. I am doing 3 shakes (330 cals) 3 tbsps of flax (390 cals)and ! meal which will consist of salad and a couple of egg whites. Any suggestions? I am ready to lose. I weigh 140 and plan on doing FF for 4 weeks. Anyone have a good protein powder that tastes good? I am using what’s left of my Sportpharma Just whey and supplementing with my leftover hydroxycut.I am going to purchase the MD6 and some more protein but I want suggetions on what T-men and T-vixens have used that’s not going to make me gag. I am lactose intolerant. My goal is to get lean as possible and lose some muscle b/c i have plenty, what other supplements do you suggest? Wish me luck b/c I am ready for the long haul!

I use Grow for my protein shakes, before that I had Designer and something else… but Grow beats them by FAR in taste and texture. Make sure you add a fiber supplement into your diet, when I did the FF I put a tablespoon of psyllium husks into every shake.

Biotest Grow if you like chocolate or vanilla. EAS Myoplex if you prefer strawberry. Hey Biotest, when are you gonna wake up and make a strawberry flavored Grow?

If you’re going to do FF for 4 weeks you might want to consider some carb refeeds every once in a while to (hopefully) upregulate your crashing metabolism and leptin levels. I know there is some debate on whether or not refeeds are beneficial towards fatloss, but if you’re doing FF for 4 weeks you’ll probably need them just to help keep you sane.

Good luck and let us know of your progress. As for protien powders, I only use Biotest Grow, Ultra Peptide by Xtremeformulations and Labrada Lean Body Low Carb.

i’m doing this as well and i am going to make sunday night the “recarb” night to seem my sanity and metabolism/leptin levels in line. it will consist of one huge pasta meal and a few beers. i figure one night a week will do more good than just trying to stay completely depleted constantly for the 4 weeks i’m doing this craziness.

Any MRP that you buy that contains milk protein isolate will contain some lactose, if even just a little. If you want to take GROW, consume some lactaid caps with it. Depedending, on your tolerance-or lack thereof-you might feel a little bloated. You can always just buy straight whey protein (check out bioplex) and add ground oatmeal or low glycemic fruit to make your own MRP. Pop a multivitamin, add some flax seed and you are good to go.

Thanks eveeryone for your help! I am going to use Low carb grow. My first day was alright. I was using the bathroom like crazy, but today i look leaner and feel ok. I woke up starvin, and did 30 min of cardio. 1 day DOWN many more days and weeks to go…How do i start a support group forum? B/c I know that I am going to need all the help and support throughtout the duration of this fast. Thanks T-Nation and to all that have done the FF before, reading the FFSG gives me encouragement and helps me soooo much. I did 3 shakes w flax 720 calories and for my real meal i had a salad w/ tuna 130 cals and some red pepper. Yummy!!! Anyone have any other suggestions for ANYTHING moore than welcome? I remember reading about chik broth and veggies… Is that allowed? Thanks again everyone!

There have already been many threads about Fat Fast. If you have questions you could always try searching for them in the forum. Bets and Pugs had a thread going a while ago. If you tried searching for either one of their names in the “Author” search you’d probably find it. Although I’m not sure how good the thread was because I didn’t keep up with it due to the amount of assholes that felt the need to post worthless (and insensitve) comments.

Anyway, a search for “Fat Fast” would turn up a lot. You don’t need to start a new thread (please), you can simply use this one.

Oh, for the bathroom problem you could get some psyllium husk.

On a side note, girls don’t do #2 and they always smell like roses. Anyone who opposes me is simply wrong.

Thanks Derek! BTW: I meant # 1. Have you done FF? I just ordered all of my supplements…good GAWD…mucho dinero! =) But anyway, i actually read about bet and pugs and their thread seemed to disappear, I guess all of the negativity was just too much. THey were doin awesome. Ya know I drink tons of coffee is that bad? Michelle are you still fat fasting? and Godluck to you Deezlodawg…MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!! LOL!

Definitely drop the coffee. If you really need to keep, it you’re going to have to find a way to cut the carbs (sugar) out of it.

You might want to do a search (on the site, not the forum) for the article “The Caffine Roundtable.”

Nope, no FF for me again, EVER. I got really sick from it - I was on for six weeks and it took almost four for the upper GI problems to stop. Some people have GREAT luck on it, I wasn’t one of them.

BIG THANKS FOR THE HELP AND SUPPORT! It is my 2nd day and i am survivin…a lil woozy at times. I drink coffee and tea to battle being so damn cold. Goodluck to you Deezlodawg, I am here with ya! Anyone else ff?

There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee on this type of diet. Just ditch the creamer and take it black.

Ok, ok!!! NO MORE COFFEE!!! I’ve read other forums…so crystal light is okay? Hangin tough here!

5th day and still surviving…losing lots of water weight, after how many days do you actually start losing fat opposed to water weight?

My wife and I started today. We’re using Methoxy at a double dose.

Hali, the fatloss should start after a week or so. That would be my guesstimate. How ya doin?

Congratulations on making the fifth day, Hali!!! FF ain’t easy, but you will get results if you can hang in there.

When do you start losing fat? The first day you’re hypo-caloric (i.e., below maintenance calories). Your body is using up glycogen stores and utilizing fat, both. As your body makes the metabolic shift, you will lose ever increasing amounts of fat, though you won’t be losing “weight” as quickly. Glycogen and water are stored in the muscles in a 1:4 ratio, I believe, so that’s why you’re losing so much so fast. Things will slow down a bit after the first week and a half. You’re doing great and right on track.

Enjoy watching those numbers on the scale plummet the first week!!! (grin)

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! Happy fasting to you and your wife. I am starting to see definition in my upper abs and my quads are a lil defined as well. what kind of training are guys doin? I have been weak, SO TRAINING HAS BEEN A LIL HARD. How much is too much? I want to start doin my cardio m-f in the mornings again…but energy has been low. Is that needed? Should I do meltdown training or fat to fire?

Well the training is a subjective one. The reason is some people handle the intensity of lactic acid programs rather well others barf if they have to walk up a flight of stairs too quickly.

Give F2F or meltdown a try and see how you feel. My honest recommendation is to let the diet and some cardio take care of your fat and do a 5x5 program for the muscles. HIIT cardio or HIIT type of weights are too intense but then again maybe you can handle it.

Jason wrote a couple of great post about the effects of meltdown while on a keto diet.
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Hope this helps, Croooz