Fast Fast???

I just received the MD6 and T2 I ordered along with issue 5 and 6 of Testosterone Magazine. I was reading the Diet Manifesto article in issue number 5 and saw the Fat Fast Diet. So I did a subject search in both the “previous issues” online and in the training/nutrition forum and found some promising results. I just have a few questions. Is there anyway to do this diet and still eat 1 normal meal a day as long as it is low in carbs and high in protein (hard-boiled eggs or tuna)? Also under many of the posts I see varying lengths of time that people stayed on this diet, I saw that 4-6 weeks is best, but is it still beneficial if it is only for 10-14 days? I also saw many people had problems with bowel movements…would taking fiber pills be allowed on this diet to help the oils and protein move along? Any and all ideas and hints would be great…if I decide to do this, I want to start next monday. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m currently on the Fat Fast, my fourth time, so I figured I’d chime in. The first time I did the fast I stayed on for 14 days and dropped 20lbs, so yes even for a short period of time it will be effective. In my experience as long as you stay within your caloric limit for the day some of the calories can come from solid food. So go ahead and have some eggs, cheese or tuna! As for bowel movements, the first time I did the Fat Fast I used hydrolyzed whey protein and there definitely was a problem. I added psyllium husk powder, 2 times a day in shakes, and it definitely helped. The last two times however, I’ve used low-carb Grow, and bowel movemnets have been more regular even without the psyllium. I’m assuming it’s because of the way the casein in the protein blend digest. If you decide to try it, stick with it. The first 5-8 days are the hardest, but it does get better!