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Fast Easy Foods?


i think we need to start an "easy food" thread that consists of quick, throw together meals/snacks.

some quick easy carb sources i've found-
Gluten free Rice Crispies (made from rice and salt, nothing else)
quaker oatmeal weight control

my go-to meal everyday after work is-
1.5 cups cooked brown rice
6oz of ground beef
and 3 fried eggs.

make a "bed" of the rice first, put cooked ground beef on rice then put the eggs on top.

the yolk makes everything moist... i also add choluah (hot sauce) some times.


Best thing is just preparing food in advance in bulk.

Make 4-6 cups of rice at at a time.

Grill enough steaks/breasts/filets to last you the whole week in one session

In the rare occasion I do not have anything ready to eat I just buy chicken/rice/potato/salad combo from a restaurant or a rotisserie chicken from a grocery store.


i can do that for lunch at work but the left-over type taste of steak/chicken starts getting to me if i do it more than 1-2 meals per day.


Well, one cool thing I found at Target was a hard boiled egg cooker. It makes 8 hardboiled eggs in about ten minutes. It only cost $15 also, huge time saver.


Don't they have restaurants for this type of thing?


Or you can save $15 and just throw as many eggs as you want into boiling water.


Boil your meats? 15 minutes usually.

I've done it a few times


My quick fix is:

1/2 cup crushed almonds
1/2 cup crushed pecans
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 banana
1 tbsp cinnamon

blend in ninja/food processor, then heat for 1min


I keep a ton of precooked meat in the freezer in vacuum sealed bags. heat it up, add avacado, add pico and then eat...I also love those Veggie Steamers in a bag.


I buy these rice cakes from Whole Foods which are loaded with like 19g carb/cake as compared to your typical quaker brand at only 7g/cake. Very easy to eat on the run.


2-3 eggs
cup of egg whites
50grams of oat meal
200grams of mince

put it all together and make meat patties mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I work on the road in small towns where Subway is the only halfway decent food available. I always get a foot-long on wheat, with chicken breast (double meat), spinach, and either tomato or cucumber (keeping carbs somewhat low). No cheese, no sauces, no spices. I eat 2 of these footlongs per workday. 6" every 2 hours. I do a lot of cooking at home but I'm not spending my whole fucking life cooking!

I'd classify myself as a powerlifter who looks and eats like a bodybuilder. I enjoy looking better than people who I beat in powerlifting meets. I get a kick out of them thinking "fuck, I lost to a bodybuilder". It keeps me motivated.


uh bro? What is mince?


I believe it's another way of saying ground beef=]


I think you can get it from the near restaurant as well....


Make the crock pot your friend. It takes 5 minutes in the morning to put some meat-pork chops, chicken breasts, roast, etc along with some veggies, spices, and water in it. Put it on low, you have dinner when you get home from work. Bag up the rest for meals the rest of the week.

I usually use my crock once on Saturday-chicken breasts, and once on Sunday-some kinda beef.
Then, I have tons of food the rest of the week.
The very best way is to plan out your diet for the week..have food handy when you need it!


I have to agree on this, big time. I use my crockpot to cook whole chickens sometimes. My crockpot and my Ninja are two prized posessions. They make my life so easy in the kitchen


I second the crock pot! On Sundays I buy ~5 lbs of chicken, toss it in the crock pot Sunday night, shred it all with forks in the morning (it falls apart, so easy). Then, I have a big tupperware of shredded chicken to draw from all week.

I also cook about 3 lbs of broccoli at a time.

Canned tuna is always handy.

Chobani yogurts....

I could keep stating the obvious.


Not to hijack the thread, but I'm having some trouble with my breakfast meals. I try to get about 4000-5000 calories a day, with about 800-1000 at each meal. My breakfast is always the biggest of the day. Here's what it usually looks like:

2 eggs, 2 egg beaters - 200 calories, 0g carbs
1 cup oatmeal with 1% milk - 460 calories, 83g carbs

I'm trying to find something else that is FAST and EASY to add to the meal that will get me close to the 1000 calorie mark and keep me from going over 150g carbs. Any ideas?



Several more eggs, or a protein shake, both....
Maybe some ham or turkey if you are not bothered by eating meat for breakfast. Steak....mmmmmm