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Fast Carbs Pre-Workout?


I just wanted to ask if I should take fast carbs before my workout? I workout first thing in the morning after taking a protein shake mixed with creatine. I'm not a big guy (currently 5foot 10inches and weigh 135lbs).

Right now my workout is focused on high weight low reps, I obviously want to gain mass but I dont want to get fat.


Depends how long your workout is. If the carbs are particularly fast then you may crash mid workout, in which case you would be better off sipping on a liquid fast carb source throughout the workout rather than all right at the start.


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My workouts range from between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, the average being an hour. If I were to add it, it would probably be adding maltodextrin to my before shake? Or as you suggest sipping it durring my workout, in which case I normally drink pure coconut water during so I'd probably have a water/maltodextrin mix off to the side.


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Ya Id rather not eat a cheeseburger, Im trying to gain muscle not fat. Plus I dont eat beef



slow release before, fast after.


also you seem to be over complicating things for a guy who will put on weight just eating anything at anytime



OP, I don't think you should really be worrying about what type of carb source you should be having before/during/after your workouts but more the amount of food you're eating as a whole. If you have at least 4-6 BIG meals in your day with complex carbs, protein and fats and you're putting on weight then that's a good thing.

EDIT: Eat beef. Lots of beef.


the first meal he is having in the day is his pre workout shake so he should be getting a decent amount of good carb sources like oats
and fast after for an insulin spike


Yes, you should.

Before, during, and even immediately after a training session is a crucial time to get in a ton of quality nutrition.

This is an old article, but it shows how ridiculously effective it can be to saturate your body with good protein AND carbs around training:

You don't have a valid reason to just be taking in protein and creatine.

The Atlantic Ocean is not a small puddle.

These are both what we call "understatements."

Dude, I tell you without exaggeration that you could gain 30 pounds and not look fat.

You're drastically underweight. You've got to get your entire nutrition in line or else you're spinning your wheels:




but also i did agree with the point that the dude needs to just eat and get the most gains out of the least amount of effort before over complicating shit


haha wise words!


Which slow carbs do you guys recommend for before? and which fast ones for after?

For carbs after I've added some oats to my post workout shake as well as eating cereal, although those are complex carbs so maybe I should add the oats to my preshake and the maltodextrin to my post?


You sound like you are massively overthinking this.
You are a skinny guy, you need to eat more food period. The specific timing and type of carbs are a distant second to actually getting enough food in you every day. Chris gave you some great links above, read and follow them.

Also, since Chris didn't say it:

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? :smiley:


Average Days worth of meals

6:30am - protein shake
645 ~ 745 - Workout
8:15 - protein shake mixed with vegetable powder
8:30 - scrambled eggs (1 yolk 2 whites) and cereal
10:30 - snack (usually a cliff bar or kind bar)
12:30 - lunch (usually half a pound of salmon with a sandwhich, quinoa, or pasta)
3:30 - snack
5:30 - protein shake mixed mixed with vegetable powder
6:30 - dinner (varies depending on the day, usually some kind of fish/vegetable/pasta combo)
7:30 ~ 830 - snack
10:30 - protein shake before bed

If I do a second workout then I have dinner about 9pm instead and usually have soup and some kind of side.

I tend to go to bed about 10:30 - 11

I also tend to take multivitamins and supplements for some of the nutrition I know I'm missing.


OP what you ate yesterday or at the very least your last meal the night prior is going to make much more of a difference in terms of workout quality the following morning. I would train with a workout drink (bcaa's/MAG-10/Surge or whatever) and then pound food after.


jeeeese, eat more and keep it simple.

protein shakes are meant to supplement a diet, not create it.

eat more solid meals instead of this snacking bullshit, eat enough at a meal so the idea of your next meal makes you want to vomit.

drink some milk, 4 pints spread throughout the day will greatly increase your protein and calorie intake.


Agreed about his first meal having lots of good carbs in before working out. But what I meant was why specifically spiking insulin after a workout, why not before?