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Fast Breakfasts and Oils


Because school is getting really busy (I just started my third years rotations in med school), I am going to start doing breakfast on the go. I was going to do a scoop of Grow! in water, a couple of metamucil cookies, and a hand full of fish oil (from Costco) or CLA tablets.

I just wanted to know what people where doing for fast breakfasts and when they where taking their fat supplements. And if anybody was taking CLA.



If your info is correct and you are 220lbs @ 9% bodyfat then one scoop of Grow! and a handfull of fishoil pills is not going to be a sufficient breakfast.

Berardi recommends a "super shake" which is 2-3 scoops Grow!, 1 scoop greens powder, and 1/2-2/3 cup berries, eaten with a couple handfuls of mixed nuts. You could mix natural peanut butter right into the shake if you want it all to be drinkable.


Isn't a handfull of fish oil kind of sloppy and slippery and stinky?


2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! a handfull of mixed nuts and a peice of fruit. You got 500 or so quality k/cals right there.

Fast and good to go.



Thanks for the replies.

I need to to update my stats because I am not in as good a shape as I used to be.

I meant to say a handful of the fish oil gel tablets.

That Berardi shake sounds awesome.


He might be referring to capsules


Sarcasm can be such a wasted and unappreciated quality now a days.


What's greens powder?




I am not sure but I think green powder might be refering to stuff like kyo-green, which can be found at most health food stores sometime behind the counter because it is kind of expensive. According to the label it is "A Powdered Drink Mix. A natural combination of Barley and Wheat grass blended with fine Chlorella (which I think is dried out phytoplankton, not to be confused with cholera), brown rice and fine kelp." I think all these things together are supposed to give you a big dose of phyto nutrients.

RIT Jared please correct me if I am wrong.


Why don't you just throw some olive oil in your water and Grow! It tastes good and is quick and make a good P + F meal. Throw back a couple fish oil pills if you want too.


Olive Oil tastes good? What kind are you drinking? (rhetorical question).


Why can't you just get up 10 mins earlier and eat a proper breakfast? It's the most important meal of the day, just prepare your bowl of oats, whatever the night before, have the shake ready to hand, wham bham eaten in no less than 10 mins - sorted :slightly_smiling:


Doesn't green powder also have lots of fibre? (I know JB is a big fan of massive dumps.) How does that stuff taste? (not rhetorical question.)