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Fast Bar Speed/No Grinding or Hitching but Rounded Back


My max DL is 430lb way back in August.I suffered a pulled lat muscle and a lower back strain in October and only fully recovered last month.Since then,I have been slowly trying to regain my previous strength levels.

Today I did multiple singles of 375lb,they went up fast and relatively easy-no grinding,no hitching.Indeed,I think they were only slightly slower than a DE pull,but when I looked at the videos,my back was significantly rounded(both upper back and the area just above the lower back)-I lost the neutral spinal position quickly and hunched whenever I initiated the pull.

What could be the problem?

Thanks for your input!


weak lower back/erectors?

try sets of 5-8 good mornings after your deadlifts, and kroc rows.


lighten it up, perfect form, work back up


How much leg drive did you use? Quick loss of neutral spine could mean you need to keep your hips down further.


post the video.


I was so disgusted with my form that I deleted the vids straightaway...and yes,my form reminds you of Kevin Nee's. =p


gi2eg has it, my advice would also be to go as light as you need and film yourself on every set. Only up the weight when you believe your form is acceptable. It worked like a charm for me and I find this the next best thing to having someone coach me. You know the saying... perfect practice makes perfect.

Also, I like stretching a ton before squatting and deadlifting, else I'm too stiff to get into correct position. I spend most of the time on hips and calves/achilles, then I do hamstrings, lats, pecs and shoulders.

Good luck.