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Fast Advice for Newbie on PCT


Ok, first off i expect some crap talk so do know i feel stupid for not researching more in the past before i started my cycle, almost four months ago i did a two month cycle. ( i did test enth. first month and deca. the next month). i only did one jar each (10ml). i reasearched as much as possible behind my girlfriends and family's back but i never was able to get to learning about pct.. my balls are not growing back. (they've gotten a bit bigger but i want my boys back!) its almost been two months and im just starting to learn about hcg, clomid, and novaldex. what should i really do, are all those necessary? please help and inform me on this, yes it was stupid for me not to learn this stuff sooner


you didn't do shit for research.

nobody would ever suggest to do one month of test and another month of deca, and then no PCT...

this has gotta be another troll.


well it happened so calling me a troll isnt helping.


well, Mr Researchy McResearcherson, how 'bout looking through the stickies and doing a search here?


do you have any advice? i'm not sure what your referring to?


Go fucking type in PCT and look at what comes up. That is the definition of research. AKA what you didn't do.


you try to look up using pct after two months of being off and you will find nothing. doing that would have helped me two months ago. i fucked up and did something stupid, and now im asking for help.



wha... what is this?... am i god?


i swear people are so fucking stupid like google is some foreign tool. quit being a lazy fuck


You're right! I tried to look up PCT after 2 months of being off and you're pretty much out of luck my friend. Shitty!!!

If your GF likes fuller Ballz let me know

All kidding aside, you'll be fine. Just do your research; it IS there. Fuck worrying about PCT specifically after being off 2 months. I don't think you comprehend what you are trying to accomish with a PCT

MORE research pal. I wouldn't spoon feed my 10 and 12 year old daughters with something SO simple. You gotta put in a better effort

NO idea why you ran 1 month Test and 1 month Deca, AND your info was too vague which again showed how lazy you are

Sometimes the best help is telling people what they need to hear and not what they want to hear


No it's cool everyone is a know it all but yet cant seem to give me advice. Thanks for confirming the google thing though and for the opinion as well. haha they are not raisins. there just not my normal size (not by much). yesterday i spent the day researching for hours. I guess im gonna wait it out on the nuts since already been progress, the nolva makes sense to use still (no clomid) and blood work on monday (asap)........ People make mistake's... Look at our president


Good God this is fucking Zoolander "the files are IN the computer" level of stupid.


ok, ok, I'm just going to put this guy out of his misery.

Dude, a fairly typical restart protocol would look like this:

-hCG: 1000iu eod for 5-10 days

3 days after which you would do:

-100mg of clomid a day for one week, followed by 50mg of clomid for 3 weeks thereafter.

At the same time as the clomid, you would also do:

-40mg of nolva for 2 weeks, followed by 20mg of nolva for two weeks.

That'll get your boys back in the barracks.