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Fast 5 Diet.

recently I came across the Fast 5 Diet, and was just wondering whether anybody had tried it.
I am not looking to just lose weight but keep my strength levels stable while working on some body recomposition.
Have done this before with a low carb high fat diet but would like to give this a shot.

Would love to hear any experiences you guys have had with this diet specifically or intermittent fasting in general.



“Here is the basic premise of the Fast-5 program. Every 24 hours you go 19 hours without eating (hence the word fast) and eat for 5 hours; pretty simple. Dr. Herring recommends making your 5-hour window somewhere around 5-10pm for a few reasons but does say that as long as you stay with the 19-5 rule those 5 hours can be placed where ever they make the most sense for your life.”
~ Taken From: http://thevoiceofmom.com/2009/08/the-fast-5-diet-fact-or-fiction/

Never Heard of it until now.

Search IF, Warrior Diet, or Lean gains in the upper right.

all that is, is intermittent fasting with a shorter eating period than the traditional set up

aka yeah you can do that