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What do people here wear when they’re NOT working out? Do you pay attention to what you wear or are you just slobs? Since we work out all the time, we might as well show it off with tight clothes right? Or am i just being a fag(no offense to gay people)? LOL

There in nothing more queer than those stretch shirts. Whether you have a good physique or not the person looks like a clown. It’s too obvious that it’s an attempt to gather attraction to yourself. Never wear a “swole shirt,” unless you dance naked for older men at night to afford your supplements.

Depends on the perrson – personality, environment, etc. I wear pretty normal conservative stuff. There’s a couple websites to check out – T. Reilly Clothing Company, and Rheingold Fashions. Both these companies sell clothing for the BB type, Reilly is more “cutting edge fashion” and Rheingold is more conservative.

MooCow, I’ll second that. Your body should be proof of your physique enhancing diligence and your regular clothes will get tighter all on their own. Nothing says “arrogant, egotitical, body building meathead” like one of those stretch shirts!

I try to dress my best. It depends on where I am headed, it could just be jeans and a sweater and some casual boots/shoes. Or khakis, a polo shirt, and dress shoes. I don’t run around in tennis shoes/sweat pants/ t-shirts very often. Just not my style. I’m not really big on “tight” clothes, and I do NOT own any spandex! If you ae big enough, you will fill a shirt out and people will tell that you are big/serious about working out and you will not need to wear “tight clothes.” I’m not huge by any means, but an XL T-shirt is tight on me in the chest, traps, neck, delts, and arms, and quite loose around the waist.

It depends on the situation, work is business casual, but when I ‘go out’ I like to show off my better features. Why spend all that time in the gym and not show it occasionally?

Well i think it depends were you are also…if you are at your local walmart and are in a shirt you would expect to see at a club then yeah you could look a little out of place…i like to wear regular shirts that are just a little snug so people can see that i workout…like a tight fitting polo shirt or something…or tight fitting t-shirts…not skin tight just so your arms fill it up…also i think guys who wear tight jeans on purpose i think thats a lil gay and dazzy dukes are gay…and leather pants are gay as well…when i go out i wear black pants with a nice conservative shirt…or khakis with a tight fitting polo shirt on…i dunno…maybe i am gay cuz i like this lol…no offense to fags either lol…sorry that was rude…jk

I used to wear sleeveles shirts in the summers, now I’m no longer doin that due to humility.

JC Penny’s if you aren’t a redneck, and Wranglers and a big belt buckle if you are. Why show off and make yourself look like a fool? Save the show muscles for summer swimming, and unless you are twelve or younger, do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear Speedo bikini’s

In my opinion if a person is 300 pounds and ripped they can ware what ever the FUCK they want.

Wearing your kid brother’s shirt is a no-no. Excessively tight shirts may make you think you’re looking big and bad, but to everyone else, they make you look like you’re trying too hard or just showing off. People can tell if you have a nice physique when wearing normal clothes. I wear shirts that fit but never anything like those stretch shirts that many bodybuilders or guys in clubs wear.

I try to dress well. I’m usually casual at home (jeans, shorts, t-shirts), business or business casual at work (shirt and tie or khakis and polos) and trendy when going out (cargo pants, CK, Guess shirts, etc). When working out, it’s shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. When training outside, it’s usually just shorts and no shirt. And I would never, ever wear those stupid clown pants and string tank tops that many bodybuilders wear. They are absolutely ridiculous.

i checked out the t reilly website. those clothes they have look gay. their models looks gay. long sleeve tight ass “pucker” shirts??? wtf…

I am a slob.

I never said I wore their stuff, just that it’s out there. Personally, I prefer the look of the stuff from Rheingold fashions, and Lori (the owner) is a great lady who worked with me very well to find the right fit. She’s the best. I recommend getting on her mailing list, as they have some great specials a couple times a year.

I wear whatever I want - it’s nice to fit into size 1 & 2 - means I get a whole bunch of choices to shop for. However I shop online - LOVE to shop online!

Patricia - a 1 or 2? We are no longer on speaking terms!!! laugh

Michelle: sorry! don’t hate me cuz I’m smalled boned…

I was all geeked to check out that t reilly site and see all the cool clothes for bb’s. Wow wee, totally gave me the homophobic heebee geebee’s. The clothes were gay, the guys look gay and the poses looked gay. Anything that did’nt look gay looked really cheesy. I was afraid my wife was gonna walk in and think I was lookin at gay porn. That Reingold site looked alright though. I thought they had some nice suits and casual wear. Be nice to be able to buy a suit without the standard 8 inch drop between the jacket and pants.

I had a link to a site called Hannibal Apparel, now apparently dead. They had some great stuff as well (I’ve got several of their pants) that’s good looking and conservative as well. If you can find them, they’d be a good source. Their suit jackets started at size 46 (Rheingold starts at 48).

Okay - go to www.getbig.com - go to the “links” and you’ll see a list. Check out the “clothing” links - shop til you drop.