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Fashion kicks ass.

My mom of all people sent me these pics (2 more in replies). Those aren’t the girls’ real asses and undies; look closely and you’ll see that the goods are actually painted on their skirts. What a glorious age we live in.


…and still more…

here ya go…

Zev, have I told Jew lately that I love Jew?

Monkeyboy, Jew are the wind beneath my wings.

No, wait. Asses are the wind beneath my wings. Sorry.

I’d like to see something like this for guys, but for the front. Might help me with the ladies. Reminds me of a slogan I saw once for a t-shirt “Ask Me About My Enormous Cock.”

Actually, the story came out recently that these are faked fakes of asses. Apparently somebody looked at them very closely, and they’re simply photoshopped pics.

That’s awesome! Now, they just have to make skirts that really are see-through!

Nate Dogg,

I completely disagree with you. In America, there’s no way in hell that should happen. Maybe over in Europe though.

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Not Really, but I hope to see some of those fashion items in my neighborhood soon. Those are for chicks that have unpleasant asses to look at in the first place.

You can read about these pics at this site: http://www.snopes.com/photos/skirts.asp

Nevertheless, I can say with some authority that those derrieres are all legitimately Japanese. As are the locales (not that anyone’s going to care about that…)

Jared and DocT, why must you piss all over my dreams?

Hey Char, how do we know they’re Japanese? They didn’t have the balls to post their faces!! :wink:

And Jaster, every time I get an email that sounds even a little bogus, I go to snopes.com. Love that place, man.