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I have a size 31 waist and can't fit into skinny jeans or stylish pants because my quads are too big. Help :confused:

Any suggestions?

I currently wear only loose fit or boot cut jeans but I've started seeing a girl who is a model and she wants me to dress cooler so I don't bring down her rep. Not the worst problem to be having but any advice is good advice.


Go to stores that carry LOTS of styles of jeans. Go to many stores. Try on many jeans.

You are just going to have to work harder to find that cool pair.

Do care about fit, probably more than anything.
Do care about dye and the overall image of the jean.
DON'T care too much about the name and price, though brand names just stock more fashionable stuff in general.
Do care about how the fit, style, and overall look of the jeans can coordinate with your current wardrobe.

Also go buy a fashion magazine which has -tons- of photos of cool guys THAT YOU WANT TO MIMIC wearing jeans. Don't buy those magazines with tons of articles and writing. Get the one that serves more as a "look book" and can give you ideas of what to aim for when you are purchasing.


3 ideas:

-Try Levi's 511 and 513s. Tend to have somewhat forgiving quad space.
-Ditch the jeans and get some tailored pants of any other fabric.
-start your own jean company which caters to your needs and have your girlfriend model for the female line.

Possible names for the large squatting skinny jean company:
-Buffalo legs
-Fuck jeans
-Ass to grass to denim
-Eat a dick stop looking at my jeans.


This is gonna sound pretty gay, BUT:

Try womens jeans. I don't know why they don't make mens jeans with a little bit of stretch, but if you can find some womens jeans that aren't very obviously womens (tooty fruity embroidery on the pockets and such) you might really like how they fit. They're like 99% cotton but than 1% spandex makes a big difference in comfort.

Not that I've got a few pairs in my closet or anything. I'm just saying.



Expensive but free shipping back if you don't like.


You said you are seeing this girl. I'd wait til I got laid before I brought any denim into the relationship.






Sorry but since I already outed myself as a fashion snob I'm ready to call either bullshit or be mean and say you are either ignorant or stupid on fashion. Either way I will help with some info:

First off, your waist measurement is not the same as a waist measurement on jeans(which is different than that of trousers). Most modern cuts for men sit at the hip, not the waist, so figure out if you are a 31 waist in denim or just your waist in 31 inches.

Second having problems with your legs fitting in the current cut of the waist measurement of the jeans doesnt mean you have monster quads, in fact it is usually the butt that is cut too tight but thats another story. Most fashion brands are built and contructed to fit a model prototype bodystyle. These people tend to be ectomorphs, or tall and lean since the clothes from a sartorial standpoint sit better. example: a small drop(differnence between shoulder and waist) is easier to tailor for than a large and looks more aesthetically pleasing in jackets. So if your legs are tight in the jeans it means the brand you are looking at is tailored for skinny people and you are just normal.

Third, exapnding on the concept that clothes for a brand are built on a universal architype, 90% of the time it will not fit you perfect or off the rack which is why tailors exist.

Fourth, it takes no brains or effort to buy a pair of jeans that fit your legs and then take them to a tailor to alter the length and waist which is what you should do.

Fifth, jeans are supposed to fit slimmer in the thigh and butt, so find a better place for your phone(breast pocket) get a slim and streamlined keychain(car/house/office the rest can be seperate if you dont use everyday) and dont use a George Costanza wallet. Get a card holder(back pocket) and money clip for cash(front pocket) like a man.

Sixth, you are full of shit becasue I am 5'7 with a 31 inch waist and 24 in thighs and have no problem fitting in skinny jeans.


Find some 501s STF, take em to a tailor, and get them fitted. Its only 7 bucks for me and it was worth it. My jeans fit like a dream and they look like something a 20-yr old like me would wear. I think I might just take all my pants to the tailor for now on. I stick to LEVIS because I got jeans from brands like Obey and Mishka and even though they look great they dont last very long, especially around the crotch area.


You are a smart one. Most designer jeans wear out quick becasue they are prewashed and broken in to be soft so they do not last that long. Levi's are one of the few brands that still sell raw denim. Just stick with the darker shades and break em in if you want to save money.


Just walk around rockin a mu-mu. If your quads are that awesome, people will appreciate basking in their glory.


why straight males wear tight fitting jeans is completely beyond me.


Or.. you could just make your own.

Waittz, appreciate your posts here. Although kind of curious why you know all of that.


Because it looks better than baggy and relaxed fit. Super tight, like skin tight, yeah that is no beuno and i just dont get it. But it should fit to form and be 'carved' to your body so to speak.

Clothes shit 'fit', that isnt gay. If you jeans are skin tight, they dont fit, they are too tight :slight_smile:


Because straight female like guys with nice legs/butts?


Read a few books on men's fashion a while back and been a GQ/Esquire subscriber for years now.

One day I was listening to an audio book from Napolean Hill and he explained the importance of how you dress and present yourself in the pursuit of success. Peaked my interest and I realized I used to dress very badly(like most men), did some homework, started to dress better, got laid a bunch more and more business oppurtinies, been hooked ever since.


It must be the shit area i live in, but it's been my experience that well dressed men are perceived as being gay. Especially if said male is in decent shape and doesnt look like a troll.


I would perceive those people as feeling threatend and/or using a defense machanism because of their own insecurities.

Seriously where do you live? I have traveled all over the world for business and only in the states in like rural areas do people ever express this and it is usually those who are on the lower end of the economic spectrum that do that. Dont mean that as an insult, just an observation.

And ZZ Top said it best, every girl is carzy about a sharp dressed man.


There's a line between being well dressed, and being over the top/trying-to-hard; the latter often does come across as gay, and often is done by gay men. Peacocking, in a sense.

But yeah, girls do like a guy who's well dressed, and people, in general, respond better to you when you're better dressed.

Probably the most important thing is fit. It's worth learning how things should fit (in the sartorial sense), and then only buying clothes that fit or can be tailored to fit. Cheap[er] clothes, tailored to fit... look much better than designer clothes that don't fit. And there is a big difference between "it kind of fits right" and "it fits right".

As far as jeans though, I have no input. Personally, Lucky fits me well, but I don't have particularly large thighs or anything.