Fashion for Big Guys

Okay, one of the purposes of this forum is undeniably the achievement of an aesthetically pleasing body. Therefore I would ask you : “How do you dress T-Nation?”. How does someone who is bigger than average dress to look sharp in your opinion (for example after I hit 17" arms jackets and shirts won’t fit, so I need to buy them bigger and tailor them, now im 18").

What is your favourite brand of clothes, where do you buy most often? What styles and colors do you mostly like to wear? Or are we, as a community, just affliction wearing mofos?

Levis 513. Awesome fitting jeans;I usually wear a size 32 but I got a 34 and they fit like a dream.

Sadly I’ve learned not to spend a lot of money on expensive clothing (luckily I don’t need any ‘nice’ stuff for my job). In the past few years I’ve purchased several inexpensive sports jackets (size 48) and then spent just as much as they cost to have them tailored to match my taper (I wear size 33" pants with a belt cinched several notches).

If you compete in bodybuilding, and you have your offseason and your inseason body measurements, you’re gonna look ridiculous if you get dressed from the wrong side of your closet some months.

What I usually do, as far as everyday clothing is go for the larger size. By this I mean that while most guys with my build would squeeze themselves into Large sized shirts, I think it just looks ridiculous (skin tight, even though the overall length is perfect).

Instead I opt for the XL even though I’d prefer it weren’t as long as it usually is. I love the fact that no one doubts that I train when fully clothed, but there’s no need to dress in such a way that screams “hey, look at me, I need attention” -lol.

I guess if I had Coleman’s money, I’d get a few custom suits too :slight_smile:


I usually wear “dance” pants like these.

They’re crazy comfortable.

If I’m not wearing those its cargos or scrubs

I don’t wear jeans ever.


Mostly sleeveless ones in solid colors

I wear boots mainly although Chucks and Vans are in my closet

As far as suits…

Mandarin Collar all the time. Liquid black.

Where can I buy this

If you need stuff tailored just go with made to measure. There are many companies out there (mine included) that make made to measure clothing so that you don’t have to spend $300 on a jacket then another $150 getting it tailored so it kind of fits. Usually if you’re the type that needs a lot of tailoring you’ll actually save money that way and the fit will be far better.