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Fascial Stretching


so, did any ever try this??? ive read that its supposed to help you gain muscle?? any thoughts??


yup, it helps


What he said.


It's one of the most important parts of my workout.


I think it's hugely important to complete development, and not only stretching the muscle fascia, but overloading the muscles in a stretched position with weights.


what do u guys do? stretch the muscle when its pumped?? ie. bottom part of chest fly??


This is a masterclass in vagueness


google DC stretching




stretch with massive pump at the end. DC style and it will hurt like hell but its great.


how do you guys feel about lifting weights??? did any ever try this??? ive read that its supposed to help you gain muscle?? any thoughts??


Lolz no I tried that one time, I got all veiny and red it was Icky so I quit.


That's what she said


I've started using DC stretches after every bodypart. No idea if it'll help me much but it's a case of 60-90 seconds out per muscle group, per week. I think I can make that sacrifice for potential gains.. even if it is a painful stretch.. also feels it helps recovery/flexiblity somewhat too..


I like the FST-7 method of fascial stretching. I've never really followed a program, but I've been doing a set of FST-7 for each body part at the end of every workout for a few weeks now and I definitely notice a difference.

Basically you do your normal heavy workout, then at the end you pick one exercise (not a compound movement) and preform 7 sets of 10-12 with 30-45 seconds of rest in between. You'll be shocked how light weight you have to use to get through all 7 sets, and the pump is insane. You're also supposed to sip water in between the sets to maximize the fluid pumped into the muscle.


How do you go about this?


I do it as part of FST-7. I basically flex whatever muscle group I just worked as hard as possible for a 15 count and stretch it for another 15 between every set.




PLEASE make sure you do not directly answer SteelyD's question. He does not know of fascial stretching
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Well, I have tried facial stretching. Great for grip strength but did nothing for my biceps.