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Fascia/Sciatic Problem


Basically pulled a lower back muscle all the way back in Feb. Didnt keep me down for long as I was pretty active at the time. Summer rolls around, I take a one month vacation and subsequently get lazy and dont go into the gym for three months. I spend a lot of time sitting around causing my lower back to tighten up.

Now Im having issues with ym squat ROM and deadlifts are absolutely painful as it causes the muscle to pull leaving me with pain for days. Ive tried foam rolling, massage therapy and sciatic stretches but it just doesnt seem to get any better and it really prevent me from making any progress on lifts that require lower back activation.


sciatic stretches? im no expert by any means but i would assume thats for a slipped disc. what i found helped me is strerching my hams and hips. tight muscles pull at other muscles. heres a good video that may help. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2-RZmGB7rqA


ffs have to give you the google link.