Farts REALLY Bad- More Fish Oil Needed?

So my broseph Creedence has been farting really terribly. He eats a lot of fast food and lifts weights hard- curlys and tricep kickbacks and bench presses every day no matter what- but ya gotta train hard and eat big to get big!

But the problem is, he just keeps farting all day over everyone. It’s pretty gross to be around and I don’t think he has gotten laid for a long time. He seems really depressed.

What should he do? I can’t get him to take fish oil and I think he just doesn’t believe.

When he’s asleep put some super glue on his butthole.

I hope this is a joke.


start megadosing the fish oil, brah. Better yet, try stacking it with Poliquin Performance brand HCL, it contains special aroma-inhibitors that neutralize odors as they pass through the sphincter.

Stop hanging around with him. Then when he asks you about it tell him he stinks of fart. You have to be cruel to be kind.

More importantly than anything tell him you cant do the same three stupid upper body exercises every day (bench press isn’t that bad but i just hate it when people are obsessed with it). Doing stupid shit like this just makes you look like a dumb ass, it doesn’t make you hardcore, be a real man do a squat or something.