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Farmerswalk carrying handles

Hi !
I´m thinking of constructing carrying handles for ordinary plates to use for my future farmerswalks. I live in a flat and I haven´t got space for weights at home but a par of handles I can store.
In my gym there are some thinner plates than ordinary olympic ones so they will not be to cumbersome to carry even if I uses three plates in each handle.
Any input on the idea ?

would you be able to thread the weights with a towel, because if so that is a great way to perform a farmers walk. Let me know. In faith, Coach Davies

I´m was thinking of letting some of my students use their weldingskills to do som handles, but I will try the toweltrick to see if I like it before I persude them to help me with that task.

Coach, that is a great idea. I’ll give it a shot once I go hardcore on ya. Could be awhile with all the stress in my life right now (school, work, married w/ a newborn). Thanks!